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Spoke to Andy wednesday, and all is as busy as ever.........

The website is under a redesign and will be up shortly.

The only problem he's having is that every Bugger has panic bought everything in sight, so he can't get milk for tea :angry::lol:

But ever resourceful they have printed of a picture of a bottle of milk to keep by the tea urn so they don't get withdrawl syptoms :lol:

Give them a call next week, i'm sure things will be a little less damp :D

Jim :)

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Guest diesel_jim

Andy's new place is just down the road, like Mike says. closer towards Gloucester (and it's on the main road now, so much easier to get to and better for passing trade)

much better workshop too, with proper ramps and stuff.

His website has been undergoing an upgrade for a while, but they were certainly busy at Billing, no chance of him "going under" at all.

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Guest diesel_jim
Jim. Where Andy gone to ?

Not the garage just up the road from ther camp site ? The one on the junction ??


If you're coming from Gloucester, you go past the little factory place on the right (on a LH bend, with big electric gates outside it), then past a Texaco petrol station on the RH side, then there is a double unit on the RH side, one bit is an MoT station and sells second hand cars, and t'other is Andy's.

It's directly opposite a place that sells garden stuff, pots and plants and swingy seats and stuff, :rolleyes:

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Thanks for all your concern!! We are certainly not in any threat of going under, we are booked up until end of september with intercooler fittings and we are promoting our new tuning products for the 2007 Defender so hopefully we have an exciting future!!

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Busy then Andy!

Was it you following me near Lynton back in June? I passed a silver Allisport logo'd new 90 on black alloys near the Beggars Roost Pub (obviously lost and map reading) then it followed me down along the A39 for a mile or so before I turned off over the moor.

The 90 looked the dogs doodahs, I would have stopped for a chat but I was late!

Will :)

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