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Never a truer word was said.

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Sometimes at work we have some real upperity sorts. You know the sort so far up there own ar5e that they have they names stamped on the soles of there boots

so my saying would be

"Don't worry son you'll still be a man before your mother"

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Pinched this from another fourm but what a great idea.!? and as it seems a bit slow round here today...........

Whats your favourite saying?

Heres one to start you off.....

People who spend all their lives working for a living.... never make any money.!

"A litre of engine oil a day (in the 2.5) keeps the mechanic away" :)

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A few from the memory banks which have been used in the past, and no doubt in the future.

"I like you - you remind me of me when I was young and F Stupid"

"Oh no please...save your breath to blow up your girlfrind tonight"

"I'm not being rude - you are a F Idiot"

"Sorry, drifted off there - I was trying to imagine you with a personality"

"Not sure what your problem is - but I bet its hard to pronounce"

"Thankyou for that, I'm sure we are refreshed and challenged from your insight and unique point of view - Now, Shut T F Up you T"

"Sorry, I been told that you can only count to 21, and that only if you have all your clothes off"

Comes of doing presentations to 100+ people, and dealing with hecklers.......

Nige :P

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I have several favorites:

"You can sleep in your car, but you can't race your house"

"Assumption is the mother of all F ups"

and describing someone as having "dellusions of adequacy" always amuses...

I am sure there are more though.... ;)


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