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Alps 2008


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A few SLRC members (and forumeers) and myself have just got back from two weeks of exploring the Italian Alps around the Susa Valley area and had a great, if not eventful, time doing it. Here are a very small number of photos I took (you're lucky, I took almost 800 :blink: ):


Our first rough-camp of the trip at Fort Pramand:


My Defender in its natural environment:


Fort Serre Marie near to Fenestrelle:


Another rough camp - near Lake Pilone:


David Popay (Pope-On-A-Rope on here) had his birthday while we were away, so his 90 was appropriately decorated with bog roll:


Near our rough-camp at Lake Rochemolles:


Lined up at the Sommeiller Glacier at the end of the highest driveable road in Europe (apparently) at 3000 metres:


Looking out of the valley from Fort Jafferau:


The locals of Briançon take an interest in our vehicles:


Some of the architecture of Briançon:


Exploring an underground fortification near St Chaffery:


Apologies for any mispelling of place names - I don't have my maps to hand at the moment.

Edited to correct some place names.

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Looks like you guys had a good time and some fine weather too. :)


We had about a day of rain when we had to spend a couple of extra days in France, but apart from that (and early morning/late evening) it was probably about 30-35 degrees C most days.

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Looks fantastic....

I wanna go.......... :(


It is fantastic.

Incidentally, if anyone is going and is using converted maps in Ozi or Memory Map etc, don't use the IGC maps with the green and red covers (Instituto Geografico Centrale). They are okay as hiking maps, but they do not calibrate very well and are not brilliantly clear when on a computer. If you can get them, get 1:25,000 scale maps from Fraternali Editore. They are much clearer and actually have a grid system on them. Unfortunately we discovered them too late to use in preperation for the trip, but found them invaluable whilst on it. They are Euro 9.90 each, which is on a par with OS maps over here and are of comparable quality. We happened to get ours from one of the better campsites we visited (Gran Bosco) so I don't know if they are widely available (their website www.fraternalieditore.it is currently under construction).

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Well, its all open again now :D

It also looks like they are re-opening the track that was blocked at Fort Jaffereau (sp??) as there was a 'ickle baby mini digger up there removing the big mound of earth. So you may be able to drive past the fort and back down to Bardonechia some time soon... which would be rather cool :D

Dan :-)

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Looks like you had a fantastic trip, Ryan !


Thanks Mo, it was fantastic. Not bad for my first proper foreign trip - all my others have been to English-speaking countries!

Here are a few more photos to feast your eyes on.

For that all over fresh feeling when you've spent the day heli-coiling a head and helped refit a gearbox in the field - Swarfega - "The Mechanic's Shower Gel"


Finding out between Annecy and Albertville that properly adjusted tappets make a hell of a difference:


"Spotted" - 90 driven by a chap working at he campsite at Val D'Isere:


Sunset at Val D'Isere:


Arty farty "lit by Tilley lamp" shot:


Sunrise at Fort Pramand:


One of the locals:


The deteriorating Sommeiller Glacier:


Fort Foens and V8Bertha:


You get the strangest Land Rover fans in Briançon:


Petit Ouvrage Col De Buffere, built in 1933 as part of the Alpine Line/Petit Maginot Line in the Fortified sector of Dauphine:


Well, only a fool can be uncomfortable whilst camping:


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