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MaxiDrive's for sale...


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+ stock £??

So is the building rented or owned?

Capital Equipment Owned or rented?

How many Staff? What ages/ Experience are the staff?

Any big contracts? Military Etc.

Patents? Ownership??



I Suggest 2X Turnover with stock included and a 18-24 month Lockin/Earnout for MAL

So who's got the cash then? :unsure:

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mmm sound like a plan to me .

You could live in my new camping trailer:D

Go on, Ali. You know you want to :D Plus, its probably the best excuse any one could have to build a new truck: you'll need something to test the products and it's good advertising.

Oh, I guess that's the end of my 5 year gaurentee on my half shafts then...

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Ben (isuzurover) told me he (Mal) is close to 70...IIRC...?

I emailed him,he will pop in for a chat I presume...


Yeah, Mal is a bit long in the tooth these days, and is probably looking forward to some relaxation/4x4ing (was working too hard so never had time) in his old age.

As it says in the ad "genuine retirement sale".

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I spoke to Mal today (whilst adding significantly to his retirement fund ;) ) and he's off on holidays Wednesday for about a month. Best pick up the phone now if you have any last minute rush orders...portals, rear steer etc etc. It's only money :lol::ph34r:

Paul :)

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