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SLRC @ Hogmoor Enclosure 15th February 2009


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It's just round the corner so not vastly different from Slab. I remember a big pond in the middle that is good for splashing about in.

Yes it is like Slab but I think a little more challenging because the sand is softer.

just to let people know the entrance can be tricky if your in anything other than a 4x4 I'm not saying they can't get in just its a little tricky :unsure: depending on wheather

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i'll be along to spectate if thats alright-its even closer to me then alton!

does anyone know what was on at bordon last weekend? saw a few marshalls and definately a few runs set up.opposite fire station, before country market on right. dont think that opnes slab, but i can never remember!

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Not that far down. Entrance is exactly Here.

I was there about a month ago setting out for comp safari - just inside the entrance is well chewed up by the tanks so you have to drive either side of their 'mush'. No chance of getting a lorry in - might even struggle with a trailer... On the plus side, they have installed a proper drop kerb now.


Is the entrance to Hogmore still here in Dave's link.


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Due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond our control a licence has not been issued to our usual event caterers for this weekends event at Hogmoor, so they won’t be allowed to set up stall. We will have this situation resolved for future events held on MOD land and apologise for depriving you of Richard and Anne's top grub. So bring a pack lunch!

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My photos of the day are now uploaded to my Flikr account here

Here are a selection of choice photos:

Any photo showing Jules stuck before we start is always good:






You know it's deep when it reaches the bottom of the windscreen on a Unimog







Apparently Piers was following the Unimog across the middle of the wet bit, when the back end started to float







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I think I'd rather drain the old oil before trying to get it running, then again I think I'd invest in a snorkel

before driving into water like that....

could prove to be quite an expensive day out.

We did check the oil for contamination, it didn't have water in it but once it was running it was whisked round the corner to Jon White's house for a quick oil change. Agree though, bit daft going in with no snorkel and it could yet result in a rebuild as an engine full of sandy water is never good news :( still, Piers is always up for it so I assume he wouldn't be heartbroken about it, if that was the case I doubt he'd have driven in in the first place.

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Hi gents,

Quite some beautiful pics you've got there !

We had a blast, great to get to know some of you guys, and just a great day offroad.

Terrain was ideal to gently wade a little deeper than I usually do (read: with either Filip or John in front of me > if I can't see the axle, I'm not going in :lol: )

Little hills and all the sandy stuff is my kind of terrain, tires on 1.2bar and let the V8, auto trans and viscous do the work :ph34r: fun fun fun ...

Got home safely after an easy and uneventful ride (bonnet remained closed, trailer was A-OK, ...) , so perfect ending to a great weekend!

going through my pics right now, let's see if there's anything interesting ....

See you all next time,



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