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Rear Recovery Points

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Erm :huh:

I wouldn't :o

Welding any recovery point to the rear cross member = welded to 2mm thin sheet (at best :D )

Best to use either 2 x jate rings bolt through the chasiss, and / or

a decent recovery D Ring, bolted through chassis with HT Bolts and a BIG spreader plate on the rear and check if the

chassis crossmember has thick wall tube in it - if bot add some so it can be doged up Vein buldgingly tight.

D Ring or Nato Hitch or even towball, FFS have a spreader plate 6mm min 8mm better big (ie W X D) as possible on the back,

and for the proper job, a spreader plate on the front too

Nige :)

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Can't comment on those particlar ones from D4x4, but have seen similar style design recovery points wear really quickly on the swivel pin bit and become, IMO, dangerous. Certainly wouldn't want to snatch off one.

Cast jate rings / nato hitch and spreader plate get my vote.

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NATO hook with a meaty spreader plate if you are going to tug anything heavy. You can even get NATO hooks with a tow ball as part of the jaws. Jate rings are good - they spread the load across the chassis and are a straight bolt-on.


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Spot on

I pulled a "But there brand new mate" welded jates apart on a winch recovery at a play day - absolutely terrifyingly badly made

not fit for purpose and I was uncertain before starting so have 2x winch blankets on and secondary failsafes to stop the

lumps flailing should they come apart - which they did. 1 completely (thank god I shoved a secondary fail safe on there)

the 2nd nearly 1 weld broken and the winch didn't pull too hard or too long either :o

I have a pair of Military Forged Jates on the rear chassis (they have the LR Military Part numbers cast into them)

with home made thick wall tubes wekded into them and 12.9 guage bolts.please nobody buy the bits-of-off-cut-tut-bodged-togther

Jate rings .................... :( They DO Fail I know I have seen them myself - not "Hearsay" )

I also don't like the swivelly recovery units either - they get sand / crud in them and them flop about and distort horribly

pulling bumpers out of shape and trying to pull though, Those D rings with front n rear spread plates are also a fraction

of the costs, Nato hitches are superb and cheap and nigh on indestructable, and always wnated s/h for some reason :lol:

Spreader plates / thick wall tubes etc with abnthing tho please :) recovery forces can be HUGE :o sorry to have a moany rant

but its a nightmare recovering stuck 4x4s on dodgy recovery points, for a few quid there is no excuse to make everyone lives

safer and trouble free :) . Whe I have to recover a 4x4 stuck its so much nicer paying most attention to the recovery

rather than as I often seem to have to, rig up failsafes to unsuitable and dangerous recovery points and play the peer over

the steering wheel and wait one day for a unit to end up through my windscreen, there is a classic pic I have somewhere of a RR

with a hole through the windscreen, removed the passenger headrest and the unit then exited through the rear window

passenger only got out seconds before....similarly somewhere on here are simailr pics from G8MUD (Chris Watts) of shackles

(untested junk) making shaped holes through front a rear windows :( which horrified him were being used and he took pictures

to scare the living **** out of other and promote his message like mine of FFS please use suitable stuff

Right...............Rant over :lol: ........Sorry, but if Chris reads this expect him to take over where I have finished off....... @rofl:


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there is a classic pic I have somewhere of a RR

with a hole through the windscreen, removed the passenger headrest and the unit then exited through the rear window

passenger only got out seconds before....

I saw that photo it was in an old issue of OR&4WD and was an excellent illustration of why people should keep the F out of the way if they don't immediately have a function in the operation, as well as the dangers of carp equipment etc etc.

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an excellent illustration of why people should keep the F out of the way if they don't immediately have a function in the operation.

Would you care to explain this to certain Highways Agency Traffic Officers for me please.

Becaue no matter how I explain it, or request they move, they still insist on wandering around where we're trying to work. On one job I stopped the winches, told them we wouldn't continue the recovery until they had moved to where I'd already asked them to move to.

I got a complaint lodged for that :angry:

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The rear mounting points for the tie down loops aren't suitable for use with JATE rings unless they are reinforced. The front ones are reinforced as standard but the rear ones are just holes in 2mm steel chassis in most (not all) cases. Not sure which chassis/vehicles have the reinforced rears but I know my 110 chassis doesn't and neither does Pam's 90. All they have is an "anti-crush" spacer inside the chassis that doesn't do anything to add strength.

If your chassis doesn't have the reinforcing plates then the allowable force on rear JATE rings would be around 680KG before the chassis deforms/tears. Assuming 2mm steel with a 10mm dia bolt spread evenly between the two holes.

With the strengthening on the front a JATE ring will take about 4 tonnes before the chassis deforms.

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This photo from a while back cover both BMs Cieranc and Daves comments.

I had to remove a dead RR that had been stuck for a while, I connected to his recovery points - pulled them off

Then I connected to his Front winch asemble - Pulled that hard and the bolts sheared, he had to then disconnect the remaining wires

and make safe, .....


then I connected to his front axle and chassis - and AS I WAS Winching a guy popped out of the crowd, put one leg

each side of the WIRE rope and knelt down to take a picture :o I "asked" him if he "Might like to consider moving off" ;)

and he replied "In a Mo", thankfully I had backed off the power to the Hydro winch and a Mate Marshal "Removed" him - he F complained :lol:

Took an age to get righted and removed others had tried and failed he had wedged himself in to a hole with a huge ledge,

amd had (not in this pic) another winch to help keep level and stailise as we got him out took over 45 mins hapmered by poor safety issues...

the nice thing was not only did he thank me but promised to sort out recovery points for next time - this was a play day that bit back....

So, the message here is .......Use

  • Decent Recovery gear always - rated shackles and stropes,
  • Have suitable recovey points front AND rear
  • Use High tensile Bolts and spreader plates
  • Never ever undersetimate the forces involved

Help protect yourself, marshals, and spectators from untested unsuitable recovery equipement / recovery pouints

and thus help....use and have proper recovery kit and literally put injury to all as a lesser possible outcome one day

I am sure - some muppets "Its been ok for years mate" recovery point will come through my windscreen, on that day

"An education of all time" will take place with said muppet if I survive :lol:

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Prob was he didn't go up n down it, he tried to go across it

and bellied out all axles off the ground and front winch bumper impaled

into groud, rear bumper bent and also implaed into ground, took a while

to remove him and RR and not in one piece - was several :rofl:


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