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Flow-Flex bush set?

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Hi all,

Looking at buying a full set of bushes for the Disco 300,

Has anyone fitted ones from Flow-Flex? if so what are they like Vs standard ones? or if anyone can come up with other makes that they have fitted, feed back would be great!

Or do i stick with genuine? :unsure:

Many thanks

Ian ;)

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Personally I would stick to genuine

When ever I get a new vehicle I replace the bush’s with genuine items, there not expensive and make a noticeable difference to the way it feels.

Polly bush sets are easer to fit.

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I have had superpro on mine for a year so far and they look and feel as new with no issues at all so far 1 year into their 3 year warrenty I am feeling that my money is certainly in the right place.

If you are going down genuine or superpro then maybe try apb trading (www.apbtrading.co.uk. I get nearly all my stuff there and its mostly genuine or quality pattern no Britpart in sight :)

Hope this helps.


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I have a flo flex set on my disco, it seems fairly flexible now, but under control. a few of the other rubber bushes were shot, so the lot were swapped.

I had a set from Pa**ocks a few years ago and they were so firm they loosened your fillings.

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Be warned - I removed a set of "polybush" style bushes from the radius arms on my 90 to find the inner face of the arm was very heavily corroded. So much so that the arms were scrap.

Got hold of some replacement arms of a similar vintage with genuine bushes in and the inner face was as new when the bush was pressed out.

I don't know if SuperPro bushes will avoid this as they do not have the interference fit of a metalastic bush that prevents water ingress.

Before I found this problem I was using and recommending superpro or genuine.

Now I would stick to genuine only until someone can give some first hand feedback on the condition of the arms after many years of "polybush" / superpro type use.

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Me and a mate baught some floflex at the same time last year. He put them on his 90, and i fitted them to my rolling chassis.

I noticed when i took the axles off the chassis a few months ago that the bushes were all deformed, even after having just sat in the yard for a year. My mate text only today to say the bushes on his landy were completley shot, and that he needed some new ones.

I'm going to replace them with superpro ones.

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