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Who in their right mind............


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:blink: Am I missing something? This is just a new diff, not a locker, not radar-inert or gps-linked, or a stealth-diff... Is the sole reason for that price tag the fact that the cupboard said "NATO" on the front? I'm almost tempted to send him a message saying "Really? Reeeeeally?"
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if you look at the rest of his prices then you can see he's a greedy sod-I went onto his proper website a while ago and even then he was taking the mick with the cost of things on there, I do wonder if he makes that much profit/money if people like us are shrewd enough with our money for not paying such high prices?

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I just emailed saying:


"Hello, could you tell me why this listing is so expensive? I can buy a new Ashcroft diff for £300???"


"because it is not an Ashcroft Diff. It is a Land Rover one. It is also £700 less that other



Land Rover Direct : £1836.96

Land Rover Series : £1780.01

TRLC : £1,813.89

Devon 4*4 : £ 2152.56

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ermmm, i;m sorry but did i just fall off planet earth and land in an alternate universe? :ph34r:

Since when has a new diff from devon4x4 been over two thousand notes? Maybe 2k for them to take a standard front axle and build it up with ashcroft bits and an arb, but not for a standard diff.

also, how about some old chassis that probably been sat outside in the rain for 20 years and given a lick of paint to look pretty for £1840?


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