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OT: Rope Ladder

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It depends exactly what sort of rope ladder you want and whether it is for kids or adults.

This place sells ladders suitable for kids rope ladders


That looks like the type of thing I had in mind. I want it to gain access to the roof of


but don't want anything permamently fixed so thought a rope ladder with hooks would be ideal and easy to store.

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You gotta laugh sometimes!


Finding a reliable sweep and boy isn't easy these days

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My wife can get you one if you want - they sell them upto 2m, she thinks they are about 50 notes but will check. Expensive but very good quality. She has just mentioned trade discount by the way - as you are 'in the trade'...

I know, quoting out of context etc etc.

But it's still funny, on several levels.

What trade is it exactly, where the Mrs can get 2 metre boy chimney sweeps, at a discount even?

Thankyou for that.

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