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New bulkhead options

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My 200tdi 90 is due a galvanised chassis this year. The bulkhead is also in a bad way. I'm looking at my options, which I think are;

1) Repair it and hobble on for a few more years

2) Repair and galavanise the exisiting bulkhead

3) Buy, repair/modify a td5 bulkhead

4) As above and get it galvanised

5) Buy a 'new' bulkhead

Option 1 and 2 depend on the state of the current bulkhead when i get it off the chassis. I've seen threads discussing option 3 & 4 on here, definitely an option, and I don't know what the choices are for option 5.

What do you know? Any links, advice etc appreciated.



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Got mine off a member of the forums (not sure if he's on this one), who advertises his bulkheads on ebay too.

Charges about £500 for a B grade repaired and galv'd bulkhead. B being, some repairs, but not generally in a visible area.

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I bought a good one off ebay for about £100, it cost £40 to get blasted then another £40 to get electroplated, no worries about warping and no excess zinc to clean/drill/re tap etc

The advantage of not repairing yours is being able to take your time refurbing the new one and then swapping quickly


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300tdi and td5 bulkheads seem to last far better than pre 1994 ones. I have scrapped 1994 and 1996 300tdi 90s used for launching boats, they were rotten as a pear, I could fit my arm inside the inner chassis rails and the sumps rotted out ont the 300tdis, yet both bulkheads only required minor footwell repairs before being blasted and zinc sprayed. Personally I would get a cheap second hand early td5 bulkhead with detachable tunnel in good condition (£250 or so) get it blasted and zinc sprayed. Or if you have patience keep an eye out for new old stock td5 bulkheads, there are still a few out there from a few years ago, I bought two last year that had been stashed away and unused.

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Steve Toyer in Cornwall do Galvanised bulkheads http://www.landrovercornwall.com, I've no idea about price or quality but Steve was very helpful when I emailed him to ask where he sends his bulkheads off to for galvanising. I bought an early TD5 bulkhead from Craddocks ebay shop which I'm going to get blasted and galvanised before I start my rebuild.


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Depending on where yours has rotted I would look to repair with the price of new bulkheads having gone back up to £800+.

I presume you have looked into repair panels, bit footwells, door uprights and I'm sure I've seen a full scuttle somewhere too.

Does this mean you'll no longer have a big hole in the cappings?!?!


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