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Naming A Land Rover


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I know there are those of us who name our Landys, in fact it can get downright personal............. :)

In the past i've had: "Grover", "Che" ,"No Top" , "Big Red" "The Green Machine"

Now that "Big Red" a 110, has gotten a nice new yellow paint job i need a new name...............

I had a little boy and his dad off-roading recently and the little guy said " look dad, a Jungle truck"

This got me thinking............. Jungle Truck, not bad............ Jungle Bunny (politically incorrect :) Jungle Buggy, Jungle Jitney.......

Oh well i'll come up with something :)

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"Jungle Jack"

Like Lumber Jack and Jungle together :rolleyes:

Ok, I'm out the door!


Great sense of humor as usuall Todd...............:)

Got me thinking now...........

"Yukon Jack"

"Whiskey Jack"....... you know those damn birds who steal your campfood

"Whiskey Mack"

all good fun :)

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One of my friends named mine. Her rules:

  • Starts with the same initial as you
  • Sex has to suit the car's character and the relationship you have with it (?!!)
  • Must evoke the car's character

So in this case it had to start with a G, was definately female (unreliable, attention seeking :P ) and had to make you think strong, wilful, rugged. Vicky struggled a bit coming up with anything decent that started with a G, so she cheated - the Range Rover's named Gemima :)

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When I bought my 90 I sent a message to my girlfriend, at the time living in Serbia, that we got a Land Rover and it´s a girl!! Now we need a name for her.

She thought for a while and then replied: Djurdjevka. She thought it would be too hard for me to pronounce, but no. In fact it turned out to be a great name, since it translates: Lilly of the valley - the flower. She´s green with white roof so she really looks like the flower, if you have some imagination. ;)

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I've kept the name catflap which I believe was credited to Rogue Trooper, although I don't remember to be honest. I was driving in a quarry in Warwickshire when I accidentally reversed into a pointy rock that punched a hole straight through the back door. He (?) commented that I now had a catflap in the back door and the name stuck. Seeing as how the 88" S3 that I now have has been made from many ideas and parts from the old catflap, it seemed only right and proper to keep the name. Not a lady though - Catflap is definitely a bloke! :)


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