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Spot Lamps


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I may be showing my age, but I can remember having a Mk11 Escort with 6 Super Oscars on the front, can't remember what they cost me, but the repro ones available today are scarily expensive!

Even the KC's I bought 3-4 years ago have doubled in price, so I guess I'm gonna get no change out of at least a ton for decent lamps.

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I have a pair of 6" Ring Roadrunner driving lights on my lightweight and can't fault them, also have 2 pairs of the rectangular version on my roof bar. Last pair I bought I think I paid £10 new on eBay.

You can always upgrade the bulbs in them too.

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I just bought a pair that look the same as the OP pictured. Quality is excrement at best, cheaply made and even cheaper looking.

They are not that shallow, but the lamp and reflector unit is, so no idea why they need such a larger outer bowl.

Having decided I didn't like them I bough a set of Wipac 6" 4x4 spots from Paddocks. They are much shallower and far better made.


I was briefly tempted by some rectangular IPF spots, but TBH I don't want to spend that much on lights that may get broken off road.

The reason for buying 6" was to clear my new TDS9500 that sits above the bumper level. My spots are mounted on a A-bar, and the old 7" Ring Phazers that I've had for years weren't going to squeeze in there any more :(

Anyone want some scruffy 7" spots? They still give good light output despite the reflectors having seen better days. Free to anyone that collects or pays postage.

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On my previous set up-90 truck cab with ARC spec cage, I used R/R front valance spot lights for extra driving lights on the front of my cage-these were operated via relays etc on a separate switch, I only had two of them on there but they made a hell of a difference-this was about 10 years ago and i think I got them from Sodbury, I also remember attaching them to my cage at the front with series 2(a) exhaust clamps with the bolt holes drilled out and extended bolts put in instead of the 25mm ones that were in them originally when I bought them, For the rears I attached in the same way a pair of round work lights which I've now attached to my rebuilt 90 via fabricated brackets



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Hella, or Cibie/Valeo, are the mutt's nuts: I have a pair of circular long-range Hellas on my 90, with the relay triggered off the main-beam switch, and they work rather well.

The other 'quality' brand to look at is PIAA - made in Japan, but check that you have your cardiologist on speed-dial before looking at the price list.

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