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Oh my, am I looking forward to Saturday!

Soren Frimodt

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A mate got handed a Series One of unknown age or wheelbase (either 86" or 88") For free, yes free!! yesterday and on Saturday he is bringing it around and we'll see if we can't get some life back in the old gal!

Here she is in all her barnfind-beauty, have been sat for 40 years at this barn:


Hope you guys can imagine my excitement!!!

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Got a bit more info on it tonight, it has been measured to be a 86" and I have been given a picture from the side as well, confirming it to look like an 86" Here it is:


Now I have a question for you guys, we are of course changing the oil before stating it up, but we would also like to change the oil filter. We haven't able to source one locally though, so are thinking about taking it out and bringing it to the local Agri machinery dealer as I'm sure it'll fit from some old tractor. But should any of you guys know of a specific Ferguson or whatever that it might fit from? Or are we in fact so ludicrously lucky that its the same as on a S2/S3?

Cheers guys

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