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im nearing the rebild of my 90 and will soon be starting to bolt on the recover bits , just wondering how many waffles you lot run and where you store them ?

pics would be nice :)


This is our waffles, we carry two 5ft long waffles, which are attached between the rollcage on the rear.

Here are some pictures, and lots more can be found on our website.



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Neatest I have ever seen are Daans....

Lot of work but truly neat....

Sure he'll post just a piccie to P*ss you off with the systenm he has :D

I have never really got mine to be anything other than a right PITFA in the 90....

one of the 'things I need to sort', and have no idea really other than rachet down to the cage in the load area, ...........and hence the prev comment :lol:


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here are my old ones. Just need two as long as they are off this length. Unless you are moglite and make 4 short ones and then have Tonk and me fall on the floor with laughter when in a comp you go to cross a ditch and your ladders fall down the hole to the bottom and don't reach across :lol::lol::lol: remeber Tonk



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I found waffles a total PITA in a hardtop. Infact this was one of the big motivations to go king cab! I just couldn't find a decent solution (roof = too high, inside = too difficult to get in and out unless short).

I'll be carrying 2 38mm to all events using some of Tonks' carriers and then a second pair to tough events on the rollcage.

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