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Bumpers back to black


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Hi Folks,

Eh, a 'friend' of mine accidentally got some thinners on the black plastic bits of my disco and they have gone milky white. I have,... i mean he has tried, used engine oil, WD40, son of a gun, some produced guaranteed back to black and nothing has work, what should he do :)


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Which plastic bits?

For example, if it's plastic like the bumpers on this:


Then careful use of a hot air gun would bring them up like new. Basically heat the plastic until it starts to sweat and it'll change back to it's original colour, wipe with a clean rag while avoiding burning your hand. Don't melt the plastic. And you need a hot air gun used for paint stripping, a hair dryer will not get hot enough.

However this trick does not work on all plastics. The plastic of an early Discovery door mirror (or RRC) will not sweat and come up like new, it'll do nothing and eventually blister.

That all said and done, as you bumper is stain via chemicals, it may not revert at all.

Another option would be to paint it with a plastic/rubber paint. But you'll need to ensure it's clean and free of any back to black or silicon agents.

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Ah no, this isn't good at all.

Basically the front and rear bumpers, the roof drain plastic trim, both wing mirrors, the plastic down along the bottom sill.

I might try the boot polish and then the hot air gun, have a stein gun

Thanks for the replies guys

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