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wheel spacers


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Tony, I've got 30mm spacers as you know, bought from 4x4 store and are TUV approved never had a problem, but am looking at bead locks,if i get them the spacers would be up for sale as the new wheels would have a good off set,not sure how much i paid sorry.

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As I'm sure your aware many seem to slate them on Defenders. I have no experience of this but I know that on mini's (race & road) they used to provide me with plenty of wheel bearings to replace and IIR one or two body work repairs when studs snapped.

there you go, not landrover orientated, but I'm sure the principles are very similar.


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Had them on my series 2 daily driver and trialer for 3 years now,no problems.Steel 30 mm spacers from bronco 4x4.

Tried their aluminium ones first,but they were so badly made I sent them back- pcd was wrong by nearly 1.5 mm,so they wouldn't go on;bronco said - you may have to use a mallet to tap them on!

Their steel ones were fine though.

No apparent problems with wheel bearing wear.

Improved turning circle.

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As Jericho has said Bronco alloy spacers are not ones I would ever use.

I have had first hand experience of them failing on a defender after a 70mph run. Luckily it was not a complete failure but it was the second time on the same vehicle the first time being at about 2 mph offroad when the wheel fell off .:o


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i hear a lot of bad things about the design of spacers that extend the original stud with a screw on extentsion. however the spacers that use the original stud & nut to retain them & have their own stud to retain the wheel seem to be a lot safer - ie ive not heard of problems with them.

i guess the offset loading will increase bearing wear, but offset rims would do exactly the same. i cant see why they'd increase CV wear, except for allowing extra lock. but then your probably just regaining lock lost due to large tyres? so its within design limits.

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to cut through all of this :

1. It depends how they are made - if the qulaity id VVV good and they are dogged up seriously tight and the wheel still lines up thats then a reasonable spacer.

2. Any7thing that is a "non" above means bin them.

3. A BETTER solution is to get wheels with the offset / backspace you wish to have without spacers, this is a better route for all the reasons in 1 and 2

Spacers IMVHO reaaly are just a poor way around point 3.

Job done


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I had a set of alloy spacers on my 90. Well, for around 50 or so miles anyway. I was a little worried when I put them on as the spacers didn't have coned recesses to ensure they located correctly and they were fitted to the hub with standard nuts. I didnt notice at the time that the suds in the spacers were just threaded into the alloy (without the use of 243 or any other thread lock). They were all fitted correctly and tightened to DFT at both the hub and wheel. However, I was very close to losing a wheel on a twisty welsh lane at about 50mph with SWMBO sat in the passenger seat. Needless to say the spacers were returned for a full refund and I am now highly dubious of the things.

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Nigel as usual is right.

I had worries with mine when I first fitted them but the riger shocks are so big the tyre will not fit in the arch without a 25m spacer.

The rims I have from Matt lee are £200 each and were built for the Ohlins which don't need the off set but it does give much better cornering in the little freelander racers.

basicly I'm too tight to buy new rims :lol:

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