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Don't Park In Paris

Neil Marshall

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DRIVERS who park 4WDs overnight in Paris are receiving an unpleasant surprise in the morning: flat tyres. A gang of young activists are deflating the tyres of what they regard as anti-social urban tanks which fill the narrow streets of the Left Bank. Claiming kinship with Greenpeace’s war on motorised “climate criminals†in Britain, the group has immobilised dozens of Range Rovers, Mercedes, Jeeps and other upmarket quatre-quatres in the well-heeled sixth and seventh arrondissements since July.

According to the group, "our action makes the owners look like wallies. We operate once a week and we try to deflate 30 per evening.†They expel the air slowly without setting off the vehicles’ alarms, fixing open bicycle pump hoses to the tyre valves and returning later to collect their equipment. They leave a leaflet explaining their action.

Britain being a nation of copycats....

If you want to see their website - Clicky here.

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One of these 'eco-warriors' ruined my 110, whilst innocently parked in France

They ripped up my seats (ALL of them)

Knifed my dashboard and roof lining

Danced on my roof

Keyed the sides of my car

Dented the sides (little dents, but still...)

Really dented the front wings

Total damage will have to be decided by the insurance experts, but I calculated a good 6 to 8 thousand euros...

And they did not even take my radio! (So no simple burglar)

When I get my wheels on them, I will just stay there and park on top of themuntil they rot away!


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Does it leave detectable traces in the tyres? B)

Bromide gas is a highly poisinous gas but dilutes quickly in the atmosphere and proper breathing aparatus will allow you to work safely in an area poluted with it. It is easily recognizable as it forms an orange/red cloud. A few minutes after release the area could be safley approached. It used to be used widely by farmers to clean soil of disease and bacteria but now the EU prohibts it's use although a black market thrives.


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I still laugh at the chap in my office that could not win the tape measure test in the office car park between my Disco 2 and his 406 estate that he was taking up more room than me (only a few mm I admitt) , much to the amusment of other office staff. When I asked if he could go to the Builders merchante and pick up a trailer on the way and bring back two packs of Eng bricks he said that has car could not do that and my case for haveing the Disco was fully rested as its common for me to collect waste /over ordered materials from other jobs when starting a new project.

My comment was ''So you can't even get some bricks and a few lintels for me from builder merchants what use are you as a forman'',

He did know I was joking but my piont was proved.

I am a Construction site manager and I feel have a disco for work makes my life less stressful.


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Oh carp. I had no idea this was going on...

I live in the 6th, on the edge of the 7th (the two areas listed above). I was planning to bring the landy over for the summer next year. Looks like that's NOT a good idea :( .

I can fit onboard air so the deflation thing doesn't scare me too much, but the whole vandalism bit would REALLY p!ss me off.

What a bunch of assh0les.



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