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  1. Rear tank is td5 on. My tomcat had the chassis cut off behind the spring seats and a length of box section welded between there and a standard rear crossmember. This does mean the crossmember sits higher not a bad thing though. Mike
  2. That work would require an IVA here in the UK. An IVA is test with an engineer who checks the construction and quality of the work. I'm on mobile so didn't realise you are in Oz. Mike
  3. Fit a 90 1/4 chassis and relocate the tank. Mike Cough IVA cough.....
  4. A few years ago q plates were used a lot more freely as in if the age was in question at all they just q'ed it. My dad built a kit using one donor bar the engine that got a q now however it would get an age related. I've built my ibex using two donors so I can deliberately get a q plate. Because a q means "we've looked at it and don't know for sure so given it a new identity" so to me as long as everything matches the log book the chances are it's more likely to be legit than a lot of trucks out there. Mike
  5. As les says for vehicles that were sva'ed the fact it's on a q plated makes it highly likely it's totally legit. If I saw that type of plate on a normal registration I'd walk away on a q plated however I'd have no problem but I would check thoroughly. It is most likely a "hybrid" built from parts then registered correctly. For IVA you now have to apply to the dvla for a vin number in the normal format mine starts DVLA####### but you still have to stamp it yourself or by a garage on a homemade plate. Mike
  6. I've put them on all sorts of ways round and never hand an issue. The key is greasing. However I have read at some point that land rover say both to the front but I've also seen both to the transfer box. So I guess it depends on the model and the way the prop is made. Mike
  7. I hooked the chains onto the tubes that go through the bulkhead to take the bulkhead to outrigger bolts. Mike
  8. As western did I did a complete body off in one piece it works well I used a gantry over the bulkhead with a chain hoist on each side and another chain hoist on the spare wheel carrier. Mike
  9. Towbar is fine but if your taking that off then a pair of jate rings bolted through the towbar stay mounts. Failing that a tank guard with recovery points or remove able towbar. Mike
  10. I had this set up on the tomcat the only downside is it uses quite a lot of water. But it is very effective at cleaning the windscreen. Mike
  11. I've also been sorting the grill and light surrounds. And a full frontal with cut down wipers fitted. Mike
  12. The washer bottle is similar to the later defender under wing bottle but I got it at Sodbury years ago. However it was undrilled but had the recess for the headlight washers pump. So I've fitted the headlight washers pump off a disco just need to alter the wiring to run the pump with the screenwash. It is really nice to be working on it again but now I just want to get it on the road now. Mike
  13. Forward progress abound wiper arms have been cut down. I was planning to fit them but bocsh had other ideas a 17" wiper in a 15" box! Moved on to the washer system. I'm using discovery headlight washers for the windscreen. But needed to cut down the jet housings and change the angle they sit at. This then needed a spacer for the underside so they would bolt up. I've also fitted a proper cooling fan switch which meant drilling and tapping the housing. Sensor fitted Mike
  14. That looks like it might be a Starcraft. They were a company that made a camper kit in both rear body and complete vehicle variant. http://z6.invisionfree.com/Cortina80/ar/t6659.htm Mike
  15. Look what I found. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262922403059 Mike