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How much Abuse???

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Trying to remove the EGR Valve.....Another INTERESTING job on the LR!?!

I know this can be blanked off by x2 ways, the problem is that both sets of bolts (×1 pair 10mm...the other pair Allen key Hex heads) are rusted and baked in place!?!

I have given them some decent GRUNT leverage well as much as i dare at the moment, NOT wanting to snap/sheer them. They have had diesels applied over the last few days but no improvement???

This has become somewhat of a mission!?!.....So just how much ABUSE will this take ie on the bolts and hammering the surrounding area as this is fixed to the Turbo i DON'T want to damage anything!

Or any tips which might help in its removal. Not overly interested in other blanking options at the moment as i would like to REMOVE this ugly eyesore once and for all!!!

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Acetone ATF mix, repeat, repeat. Etc.

Then heat it, to burn the rust, mapp torch?

Whack it with a hammer, to create a micro gap.

More mix.

For a week.

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I used to remove those EGRs with the aid of a large sledgehammer.  Once all the gubbins is off it's easier to access the bolts, and the shock helps loosen them.  Plenty of heat surrounding the bolt helps massively. Never did any damage to a manifold, but don't miss! 

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Get the engine really-hot then put a drift down the centre of the bolt socket and give it a good hard whack with a lump-hammer.

Then douse with Plus-Gas or similar.

Repeat this for a week or so.

The drift-and-lump-hammer treatment helps to micro-fracture the inevitable 'growth' between the bolts and the manifold-threads that have developed over the years/repeated heat-cycles.

If the socket-headed bolts shear when you apply serious torque, drill them out using a smaller-than-bottom-thread-pitch 'anticlockwise' drill-bit. You'll often find that once the bolt-head's been sheared off and there's no longer any clamping-force, a reverse-thread drill-bit in a hammer-drill will bring out the remains of the bolt surprisingly easily.

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@Tanuki That's what's making me kack my knickers!?!.... Shearing/snapping the bolt as there is little room to get a drill in place, plus as this is my daily ride don't really want to be without out it too long!

Got some map gas so will fire up the blowtorch tomorrow and pester the #@%€ out of it with the adjustable spanner, and the douse with some WD or gun oil spray i have.

Let the GAMES BEGIN!!!!!

Tune in the same time tomorrow folks for an update!?!

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I've had success with rusted tight things by getting it as hot as possible then fast cooling with lots of cold water - repeat as required . If it won't budge can you just block the other end for now , until more normal services are resumed ?


Steve b

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Yep seen pretty much every technique used on YouTube!.....Never quite convinced to actually how successful they are??? So always take them with a pinch to a sack of salt!

It HAS been blocked off, not too sure how but before i took possession. As i said it's my personal mission to get the pig ugly eyesore off and put on a single hose without the spur off to the EGR Valve. 

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Well we went out today to have a serious talk with the Green Menace, as I felt the situation had become impossible to live with due to its selfish and unforgiving nature!?! Knowing how stubborn and bloody minded it can be, I went armed with Flame Thrower, a lump of metal attached to a stick, a strange looking object with a multitude of purposes and has the ability to make me laugh and cry at any given moment!?! This has to be my favourite stress relief aide, even named it “Lumpy” on the account if it gets angry it can cause LUMPS to inexplicably form on your body! I also took a few sharp pointy things too.......

Needles to say things got VERY heated early on and I am ashamed to say Lumpy got extremely aggressive, I could barely contain his rage, I’d never seen him like this!?! Sadly some of the pointy things got in the way and succumbed to Lumpys temper!......

This debate seemed to go on for hours, things getting heated then the cooling off period and the occasional interjection of attitude from Lumpy along with the odd prod of a pointy thing! It went on for so LONG we even stopped the discussion to have a coffee and re examine our approach on the subject? But though little progress seemed to have been made, me and Lumpy decided this WAS the best way to proceed if only for the feel good factor!?!

The Green Menace was pretty adamant that things were to stay as they are whilst Lumpy and I tried to explain “Change is for the best!” But the Green Menace wouldn’t budge on the subject no matter how hard we tried to reason with it and believe me we tried even resorting to underhand and dirty tactics, Water Boarding with buckets of WD. The stubborn S.O.B stood firm and wouldn’t be persuaded!

Then eventually when me, Lumpy and the few remaining pointy thing were totally exhausted, burnt out, spent and we were all leaning on the ropes holding each other, Lumpy slid to the ground and I clutched at several knuckles and a thumb that Lumpy had kindly kissed during the exchanges, I could see the shattered remains of the pointy things and even for a hardened VET that has done several tours of duty round Tescos and Lidl at peak times!?! I felt a tear roll down my cheek when the Ref (the WIFE) called time!

But I hadn’t survived this long in the LR world without picking up a few sneaky tricks!?! So with the Refs back turned I snook in for a final blow for all LR owners AND my sanity!!! Several sharp jabs and a well placed pointy thing, IT happened ........I heard that FATAL crack!!!.......I had finally managed to get the upper hand and got the Green Menace to buckle and see sense!?!

The Ref wasn’t best pleased as I had failed to listen to her instructions and was deducting points for a late low blow! But me and Lumpy didn’t care, we just collapsed to the ground and cried like little girls holding each other!!!


Well all the score cards are in and it’s a unanimous decision from all 3 judges at ring side!!!



We have a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............





And it AINT Me and Lumpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




IT’S THE WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................ Me and Lumpy got disqualified and aren’t allowed to work on the LR for the next 2 weeks!?! Just about the time the smile will be starting to fade from my face.


Thanks for all the help and advice guys.....Cheers all, Andy

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