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Water Pump Pliers


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Knipex , Bahco swan necks are both quality items and supprisingly a lot better than the over priced Snap -on ones which have a finger squashing problem of letting go when the pressure is on .

Yep, Id agree totally.

Tony whichever you get go for ones with a decent double sided adjustment/locking mech. The one sided ones are fine when new but very quickly start to sip. I have two different size sets of knipex which are excellent. The Bacho stuff is also very good quality

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About the only Snap On tool I have that I don't like is the AWP 100 tongue and groove adjustable joint pliers. The teeth have gone flat and the joint slips crushing fingers when pressure is applied. So I advise not buying Snap On.


Funny you should say that I was going to say the Knipex ones are great but don't get a grip like the snap-on ones. My snap on ones must be almost thirty years old and

they are still good, The joint is amazingly good when you consider most makes with open joint slip, and crush yer fingers, we used to do something regularly with the snap on

'swan necks' that needed a better grip so used to slip two pieces of pipe over the handles, they still didn't slip My only complaint is the plastic on the handles has gone, probably only lasted 20 years, should I complain;-)

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