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Its kinda like the 4x4 equivalent of the BMW 3 series compact, look like a normal range rover but the arse has been shortened, seen plenty on the road. was anyone from here using a nice blue one this morning on the a39?

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Regardless of Mr. Bear's semantics, a botail is essentially a vehicle that has had it's rear overhang shortened to give a better departure angle. Depending on how it has been achieved, and the number of hoops you have jumped through with the relavent vehicle inspectorate, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to drive one on the road.

NB, the term applies to and vehicle, although Range Rovers are the most often associated with it.

Hope that helps



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If you do a google search it should find you plenty of pictures of bobtail Range Rovers or Discoverys (although at the moment these are less common ). I think they look better than normal uncut Range Rovers.

Here's a couple of pics of Bish's bobtail rangy when we were laning in the French Pyrenees last may. You can see that the rear overhang has been shortened by removing a section of the body and chassis.





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may i ask where you got your cage from and how much as it looks nice and to me does the job from damage to the bodywork

Custom buld from a local fabricator who added the framework to an existing full cage.

It had an internal rear & external front that was extended to enclose the entire body & reduce damage from trees etc.

Not sure of the cost as it was done during a "many other mods" visit.

Andy -T.

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