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Oh Dear

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I think the web design came out of a Christmas cracker.

Dead links (of which there are several, even on the home page) say:

"Oh carp! The page you wanted hasn't been found.

Either we haven't written it yet, or our web monkey has fouled up. We'll take him outside and shoot him but before then"

That sounds jolly professional. I'm not surprised the web site is a shocker when you refer to your developer as a 'web monkey'.


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Would be interested to see what the "Road Books" are like, that sadly is all that I like about that site/Magazine...

Being a friendly off road mag is one thing, but trying to be like an Off road "Nuts" or "Zoo" is a bit wierd.... Leave the lad'ish behaviour in the Lads mags :ph34r:


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I was writing for Off Road Motorsport when TOR was first formed. ORM was TOR's first aquisition and the Editor (a friend of many years standing) asked me to stay on as a subscriber. I truly believed that TOR could be the best off road magazine in the UK and for the best part of three years I worked hard for them. Even after I was 'let go' I stayed out of the 'TOR has gone down hill ' threads et al, same goes for when they started producing Planet 4x4. I am proud to call snapper Steve Taylor a friend - his skills sadly wasted. But this is just the be all. It ridicules what was once a fine magazine and stamps on the gutter splashed remains

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Guest diesel_jim
At least it's nice to see that the 'team' are easier on the eye these days....


Yeah, i quite like patrols.....


(a ginger..... phwoaar!!!)

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