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Which moddest engine

Ben Jordan

Which moddest engine  

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  1. 1. Which engine to put into my Rangie

    • Have my 3.9 rebuilt to a reliable/modest power spec
    • International HS 2.8 TGV
    • 300tdi
    • Jap diesel (which?)
    • Large Yank V8

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Following on from my Ultimate engine post. I have now decided that i do not need a big horsepower engine :(

I need a reliable engine that will produce a respectable amount of power/torque and last quite a few years, The money i then save over a higher spec enine can then be spent on axles etc. :D It should be transferable between land rovers but i cant see this as i problem if it fits into one of them. I will be covering about 5000 miles a year tops with the odd occasional long trip and it needs to be able to deliver the goods off road. I have put my suggestions in the poll above :)

I would like the engine to be new or rebuilt to a standard better than new.

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big yank...NO i have a friend doing this at the moment and is having alot of problems, heavy and keeps over heating, and the gearbox wont last.

jap... YES isuzu engines are ment to be really good for 500k.

V8 .... youve already got one so get it rebuilt......cheapest option and probably get the best power.


too expensive unless youve got alot of money.

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big yank...NO i have a friend doing this at the moment and is having alot of problems, heavy and keeps over heating, and the gearbox wont last.

With the correct cooling it won't overheat. It's an installation problem not a problem with the engine.

Will run OK with a standard LT95 gearbox, otherwise you need to upgrade.

Not exactly modest

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Guest mr_wuffles
Exactly - the 300 Tdi is gay

Ask frida turner which ones always go poop and she'll say 300 Tdi. 200 Tdi engine is better for the price of a International HS 2.8 TGV you could get a re-con re worked 200 Tdi that would be bullet proof :ph34r:

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3.9 V8 - they're still the cheapest, and given the % fuel you'd save going diesel it's not worth changing.

Parts are cheap and plentiful and every LR has at some time or another been V8. The V8 has plenty power and flexibility. Sorting the usual Lucas gremlins (vis MS'n'S or whatever other method) will help reliability, power/economy and help with waterproofing too.

Worst case scenario you kill the V8, 5 minutes and £150 later on eBay you can have a perfectly servicable 3.5 engine ready to drop in to get you going. TDi's are getting cheaper but they're not that cheap and won't be for a long time.

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The 200 is more agricultural and tougher

the 300 more refined

with so few differences.

the 200 will stand less boost increase than the 300

I'd rather have either of these two than a foreign jonny engine.

I got a 300 as I wanted a late 90 and so far it has proved a decent engine.

with only a few oil leaks and a turbo rebuild after 130k all is going well.

for the ££ the V8 is a cheap option and probably the best idea

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I'm biased to diesels - I've had my share of Rover v8's, the last was a 4.6 in the rangie.

The 200/300Tdi aren't bullet proof compared to a light truck diesel.

The 4 cyl diesels from Isuzu N series trucks and the Toyota Dyna are great engines that will fit into a Rover. They have great torque from idle, are very reliable and long lived. But I wouldn't use either with Rover drive train.

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Well I voted for the 300tdi.

Strange from a guy who loves V8's!

Reason: If I was starting from scratch on a car that was going to be relied upon for regular road use then I would go for the coughs and sneezal.

The only reason I dont have a squeezal is ....I love V8's (boy hood dream etc), Ive got 5 very good V8 engines to play with (3.5 x 2, 3.5 turbo, 3.9 rebuilt, 4.0 blue printed) and they are in my toys.

If I had to rely on my off roader for road use, no way would it be the v8, expense would stop that instantly.

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2.8 Isuzu, front mounted intercooler & tweak the pump the same as the 200 & 300 TDi pumps ( they're virtually identical), even better get one from a Vauxhall Frontera, they've got the bigger turbo & a FMIC already, perfect with a Rangie drive train. Jez would say that the cam belts on these are easy to change & so they are but if you can get one with timing gears rather than belt you're home & hosed, look for metal domes on the front rather than flat ribbed plastic cover. No hassles with water ingress while wading then.[Helmet & flack jacket]B....y site more reliable than anything LR ever made. [/ naaah!, I'll just keep them on :ph34r::ph34r:

Actually, if it weren't for the cost, the 2.8 TGV is probably the best way to go, getting an awesome reputation around the world, shows what a Land Rover engine could be like if it'd been done properly.

Cheers, Steve

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