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Wolfy replica for sale... bells and whistles


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This has got to be one of the worst replicas I have seen.

It has the wrong light guards, the wrong rear light arrangement, the wrong bonnet arrangement ect..... In fact, this is a winter wader with a wolf hard top and wheels added.....

And to boot, the guy selling is an obnoxious so and so.....

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wrong lights, front and back. wrong numberplate lamp. wrong door basket thingy?????. wrong steering wheel, it even comes with an iffy spaced plate if as described has the spaces.

127 rapier warn winch, it also has the antenna mast support too far forward on offside. It should live further back over the rear axle allowing another spare wheel to be fitted as on nearside. Roughly in line with the cable grommet in line on the hardtop :ph34r:

Walty wolf and not a good one at that. :D

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I currently own two real wolfs, one is a 110 with full WMIK kit fitted, and the other is a 110 GS that I am currently rebuilding. I also owned a 90 wolf, before I sold it for the 110 (90 was lovely, just too small).

If you want to know anything about them, just ask..... (I dont know everything, but have learnt alot on the way).

A replica is easy to spot, look at the chassis, the wolf chassis is very different to any other chassis, also look for paper work to back up where it came from, and no, a 90 wolf roof is not suppose to be a cut and shut..... that one listed is just an over priced abomination.....

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I have a walty wolf, it is not supposed to be passed off as the real thing but was done more for function than anything.

Originally a 110 GS soft top. I have kept the axles and chassis to avoid losing enough to create a grey area with the DVLA though.

I now know a fair bit about wolves (not wmiks though)and would like to say I could spot a replica :o

sas pinkie says chassis is the big giveaway, followed by,

slots in the longer 300tdi wheel studs.

A proper wolf roll cage (for hardtop or softtop)

the gearbox oil cooler assy in front of the rad.

24v electrics

The side load area reinforcing plates

110 rear hd axle.

The lever release on the bonnet.

The middle seat area having a grab handle/chequer plate doofer thingy. and fire extinguisher and tools on the bulhead.

and so on.....

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The chequer plate doofer thingy is actually the ECU for the EGR valve. It also wasnt fitted to the very first wolfs that rolled off the production line, but fitted later (end of 96 onwards) to conform with European legislation.

Axles, The front axle is also different, and the rear of a 90, again the easiest part to spot on these is the diff case, its much larger than standard...

Come on then Pete, I'll show you mine if you show me yours?....

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I have a genuine rear half Wolf 110 chassis, what would that be worth, if anything above standard,

cheers Brian

Not alot. Without the front half its a bit pointless.

You could weld it to a front half of a chassis, but then you have just modified the chassis from original spec meaning a full SVA (or what ever its called now) plus a likely Q plate and a new chassis number, meaning what ever you have built is no longer a genuine wolf (thats where the value is, as thats what everyone is after) and so not worth anywhere near as much. With all the other parts required to use the chassis, what you have built would most likely be worth less then what it cost to put together.

A damaged chassis went on Ebay not so long ago, and it didnt get a single bid. The other thing is, where did it come from, is its original donar still on the road, in which case, as its had a new chassis replace its original one, the original should be destroyed.......and that means all of it!

Just some food for thought.

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again its a 2.5 na which sells as its "ex mil" or as it has magic wolf added on. out of interest why is it a q plate?? ex mil stuff should be on age related plate should it not?

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ha... thats quite special. Its a shame really, as if he had left it as it was it really is a nice straight clean mili 90. Worth perhaps £4 - £5000. What he has done to it has, in my eyes, actually devalued it......

There are some really nice wolf replicas out there, some that the only give away is the chassis (which is near impossible to do anything about), but then there are some half baked affairs that seem to want top money for a token attempt........

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