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alright guys, bit of a weird one, i drive a 110 300tdi and the high/ low gear stick is round the wrong way! both gears work fine but just confussed as to why they work oppersite to what the lever says (high is low and low is high), any ideas??

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sorry for poor pic, will get a better one tomorrow if need be. couldnt find a torch and its pitch black. the high/low leaver is in the forwards possition but is in high gear instead of low?! would have thought that if it was a disco gearbox then the gearstick would be behind the high/low stick

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I'd put money on a previous owner or garage connecting the linkage wrongly - the hi/lo is effectively a banjo type clamp that fits around a castellated stub - contrary to popular belief it is possible to fit the link to the stub upside down which effectively reverses the throw of the lever. (I know as I've seen it done!)


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