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Water leaking in!!

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Hi folks, I have a large amount of water leaking in to my footwells. When i lifted my driver side mat to clean yesterday i found a big puddle of water under it. Under further inspection i lifted the mat that fits onto the bulkhead behind the foot pedals and found loads of water sqeezing out of it. Both footwells display the same puddles under and ontop of the mats. I cant seem to track it down to be honest. The windscreen isnt leaking in and im pritty sure the bulkhead flaps arent either. Its a 300tdi 90, can anyone help me?

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Last time I had badly wet footwells it was the foam seal around the bulkhead vents at fault.

They looked OK at a glance, but a closer look revealed that the strips along the top and bottom had come unstuck, so the foam was sagging down and not sealing against the lip around the bulkhead opening.

I also had it gushing into both footwells from the heater "knee level" vents, but that was after some heavy-duty wading when I forgot to shut off the heater. :blush:

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