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Another 1/2 job turns into a saga.


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So the oil was draining and I should have known some monkey had previously worked on the truck , as I squashed the oil filter trying to get it off, it was that tight.

On cleaning up the sump plug, the threads were full of something like chemical metal. Turns out the sump threads are now stripped :angry:

So, options now are, I suppose, to remove and retap the sump ?? :( or should I helicoil it? I don't imagine doing it in situ is a good idea, and risk getting swarf in the sump.

How easy or difficult is it to remove the sump? (Looks like it's bolted to the bellhousing too)

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Not sure if there is a difference between a disco and defender sump but hereis one that might get you out of a fix.

Hope that helps


Hmm, cheaper than I'd have thought. :) Carriage might be a killer though.

I'm in the process of removing the sump. Will see if I can get it fixed/tapped/glued locally. If not, then new sump.

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Thanks everyone. Hope to have a sump from a disco next week.

For anyone that hasn't removed the sump from a TD5 defender:

The sump comes out if you remove the track rod and jack up the nearside chassis rail to allow it to clear the gearbox.

If you have a cat, you might have to remove that section of exhaust. I got away with unbolting both ends and moving the section on its hanger, as i've no cat.

Watch the oil pickup, which is in the centre of of the sump, and don't forget to remove the dipistick!

All bolts are the same length, except the 4 at the flywheel end, which are different lengths.

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As Andy says above, you can save yourself a whole load of trouble by getting a Difflock drain plug. Once fitted it doesn't need to be removed again, unscrew the cap, screw on the pipe - oil comes out and doesn't even run down your sleeve :)

No connection to Difflock, I just think it's a fantastic piece of kit that's made my oil changes so much easier :)


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all my vehicles have had the difflock drain plug - once you;ve bought your first kit, all the subsequent sump plugs are cheaper as you dont need to buy the hose part as they all use the same hose.

its worth its weight in gold, as you can get the engine fully up to temp and then drain the oil with no wories of spillages or burning yourself or any worries about stripping threads etc.

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Yes but the plug doesn't allow the small metal flakes out of the sump properly does it? I would use one too but it seems to me like you'd have to take the plug off anyway to ensure the sump is as clean as possible??

if you have bits of metal large enough to not go through the hole that opens up in the drain plug - then that is the LAST of your worries


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I was talking about gearbox too. And the flakes (read filings) are normal to a certain extent. If you buy one for the gearbox, surely you would have to take it out as the filings normally sick to the magnetic sump plug, or are you guys saying the fillings would definitely come out of the special plug..?

Edited to add

I realise that there isn't really an issue as all will have filters/strainer but it's best to ensure the sump is kept as clean and metal filing free as possible really isn't it?

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