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Goodwinch new G12


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Well we have all heard about it and here it is can some one post the pics for me just pm me thanks

here's the spec

David Bowyer of Goodwinch Ltd. announces a new high specification

competition winch for those who need exceptionally powerful, fast and

safe winches for both the front and rear of their vehicles.

10 years ago David designed and developed the incredible G10 and later the

G12 planetary winch. These have proved beyond all doubt that his thinking was spot on. By using large drums running on greasable roller bearings with seals all

round it makes the winches more powerful through efficiency, and waterproof.

Now by using his brilliant 5.6HP Bowmotors and his award winning

Dyneema-Bowrope, he has gone back to the drawing board and designed the

World’s finest fast winch with an incredible number of features for not only the

competitive man, but also those who want the very best.

David Bowyer’s NEW HIGH SPEED G12

brings together just about everything a man (or woman) could ever dream about in a winch.

If you think about it, a winch has to work incredibly hard dragging a vehicle

across mud, out of mud pits, and up impossibly steep banks. In many cases

some ordinary winches struggle, even with snatch blocks in use.

Some may ask, why do you need a fast winch? Well, whilst driving the road wheels when winching and taking some of the load off the winch as you start gaining grip, a fast winch will reel the rope in onto the drum rapidly enabling you to get quickly onto firm ground without driving over the rope! And remember, the faster you can travel across a muddy area, the less likely you are to keep getting bogged down! A bit like trying to cross mud in as high a gear as possible, Keeping the speed up without digging in.


encompasses the following revolutionary high specification features to make this a very serious winch indeed for safe controlled winching operations in the off

road field around the world in the many challenge events.

It has also been designed for the business user for fast retrieval of materials up banks and pulling electric cables up onto poles or pylons using the long drum model.

The NEW GOODWINCH G12 has also been designed with the Military user in

mind for fitment to many different types of 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles for various roles of duty.

Features of the top model :

• Dual Bowmotors in either 12 or 24 volt give a combined output of 11 HP giving

exceptional power to pull hard and fast whenever the going gets tough

• Twin speeds give a high ratio of 119:1 for fast pulling across mud and a slightly lower ratio of 164:1 giving tremendous pulling power when winching up steep banks. A simple push/pull lever selects the speed

• All gears are induction hardened other than the last intermediate gear (35mm

wide teeth) and the final output gear (50mm wide teeth!) which are case hardened

• Efficient lever operated freespool direct drive into winch drum, making the

pulling off of the Dyneema-Bowrope (or wire rope) a joy

• The aluminium gearbox casing has level, drain and filler/breather plugs

• There is a choice of drum widths. The standard large flanged 216mm drum

takes 125 feet (38m) of 12mm Dyneema-Bowrope and an optional extra special wide drum which takes 175 feet of 12mm Dyneema-Bowrope

• The rope, either Dyneema-Bowrope or wire, is easy to secure to the drum with a grub screw at a right angle to the rope end

• Both drums rotate in 65mm roller bearings with twin ‘V’ ring seals each side to keep water out and the clean grease in, along with grease nipples on the top of each aluminum drum support. Proven design for efficiently from the original G10 and G12 planetary winches

• To strap the two drum supports together there are 3 tie rods well clear of the drum to not only hold the roller bearings perfectly square, but also to stop any loose rope from ‘going over the top’

• A disc brake is fitted to the right hand end of the drum and operates as a fail

safe system. The drum comes to a halt very quickly when releasing the in/out

hand control button

• A special oil has been developed for the upright twin speed vertical spur Gearbox to allow for all hot and cold climate conditions

• The spur gearbox can be fitted either vertically for the front of all 4x4s or

horizontally backwards for low profile rear mounting

• Two heavy duty Albright solenoid sets are provided in an enclosure, one for

each motor

• The no-load line speed is about 85 feet per minute in high gear and 60 feet in

low gear. Pulling capacity in high gear is 10,000lbs and low gear 12,000lbs

• A single motor version will also be available for non-competitive winching,

but will still have a twin speed gearbox and all the other features It will be

called the NEW G10 winch Simply put, the


GEAR G12 winch has all the hallmarks of engineering excellence brought about

through hands on knowledge in winching for over 20 years.

The NEW G12 will be available to view at the Land Rover enthusiast Billing Show

over the weekend of 21st to 23rd July on the Goodwinch stand at the end of the arena. This remarkable new winch will be available on a World Wide basis either

direct or through his Dealer Network this Autumn.


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Guest diesel_jim

Some pre-production pictures of said winch.

Sorry about the size, but it didn't want to shrink them too much so that you can see the detail involved.

Gotta love the brake!!! B)




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Hark, is that the sound of a thousand chequebooks being pulled from pockets? :lol:

Credit to the man for coming up with the sort of thing people would otherwise try and build, seems a few UK suppliers are finally catching up with the UK market.

Can't wait to see the price tag :ph34r:

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I can't see any lever for changing speed in those pics. Perhaps that prototype is single speed, but it is a wide gear case.

The popular 8274 is a poor design, based on an older winch that Warn bought. Which speaks poorly of their lowmounts and all of the imitators.

So I welcome someone who wants to make a decent attempt to advance vehicle winches. I like some of his ideas.

I have often thought that I should build a better winch from scratch than all of the stuffing around I have done to improve the sows ear 8274.

Instead of the 8274 style of gear reduction, or the lowmount type planetary gear reduction, I would prefer to use a Sumitomo cyclodrive reduction (for efficiency and compact size).

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Nice to see another option for a hiline winch but I guess all those features will not make it price comparable with the 8274. Odd that the winch even in prototype form hasn't been tested/used in anger yet on the challenge scene or has it?

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Nice B) ...

Is that an idea nicked from Star Trek? ;)

No load line recovery speed = Warp 9 :)

Beam me up Scotty! :D

I have used cyclodrive gearmotors a lot, when a large speed reduction is required.


A single stage cyclodrive can have a very large speed reduction compared to gears. Because sliding friction is eliminated (gear teeth mostly slide) due to using rollers in the mesh, they are very efficient.

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Guest diesel_jim
Nice to see another option for a hiline winch but I guess all those features will not make it price comparable with the 8274. Odd that the winch even in prototype form hasn't been tested/used in anger yet on the challenge scene or has it?

I think, from what i've heard from the manufacturer, that several "test pieces" are being let out into the community for certain folk to try and break.

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so how does the brake work on this one. im thinking of doing something similar on a low line winch but was planning on using a fiddle brake lever to lock the disc but does this atomatically work when u stop the winch motor? any one any ideas??

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pritch1, I seem to recall that Paul Wightman built a disc brake on the end of the new "Super 8274" he built for Piggy. There is a thread on the build up somewhere on here, but last time I looked for it the pics had all expired. No doubt Paul will be able to offer some advice though :)

I also seem to remember him fitting a Bowmotor to the same winch, so bearing in mind Paul's usual habit of collecting silverware in most of the competitions he enters, I guess they can't be too bad :)

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yea i have seen that brake before but he fitted it and used his redundant clutch pedal to operate it there was talk of using an actuator so that when u killed the winch the brake came on automatically. made me wonder what they had done with this winch?

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just wondering, why two motors instead of 1 bigger one (of equal power) :huh:

Bigger motors are even harder to find!

I have no doubt that this will be very good - but it's hardly 'out of the box' thinking.

I like the Sumitomo cyclodrive - essentially an epicyclic achieved with rollers. Very clever - but I have an even better idea! Just need to find that 10k to develop it!


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just wondering, why two motors instead of 1 bigger one (of equal power) :huh:

Well said....

Have been doing twin motor conversions for sometime and i'll be watching with intrest to see if this winch has the problems i expect it to.......

Andy, is this prototype going to Ireland in a couple of weeks?????????

Be intrested, we have a proto winch going out for testing thats remarkably similiar :blink:

Fair play to David, he's done what he set out to do and wish him every success........

does look nice......and very similair to an 8074.......... :lol: kind of ironic :D

Jim :)

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  • 1 month later...

I e-mailed "The Daddy of Winching" to ask how much the G12 weighs compared to, say, an H14, and this was the fantastically accurate response I got:

Dear John,

It is about the same weight I guess.

Best Regards

David Bowyer

Goodwinch Limited

So he doesn't actually know how much it weighs, or if he does he's not admitting to it :ph34r:

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So he doesn't actually know how much it weighs, or if he does he's not admitting to it :ph34r:

I am guessing now but, if "The Daddy" ( :unsure: ) is still at the prototype stage with his new winch and has not yet had production cases cast and been able to build and weigh production winches, it must be something of a tough call for him.


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