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PYSL - I iz now an official "Mature Student" int I ?

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Yeah, wicked innit :blink: ?

Before I had to whiz away for family crisis :

I popped in to the tech college and .................................. :o

i av now gonna registered me on a 12 wek gas n TIG evenin' course in I eh ?

So, its officical i iz now a mature student :hysterical:

The idea is so I can gas and TIG and then treat meself to a decent AC/DC TIG afterwards

......time will tell, I think it will be money well spent.... :huh: I hope !

Biggin it up n deep Respect B)


The P*** Taking may now commence :huh:

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Oy - you two stop it !!

I've got breakfast spat all over my keyboard now :lol:

I did a generic welding course many years ago. It also had the advantage of giving the use of a well equipped workshop at the same time.

Highly recommended. Must see what is available around my way. I'd like to do lathe/mill stuff.

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Oi, you lot, I'm starting to run out of excuses :ph34r:


He reckons hes cut the time for his driving lessons down by 1/3rd by removing 1 pedal,

......so he could possibly fit it in :hysterical:

Nige :ph34r:

Nige, can we have a sample of some of you're early efforts? Then we'll see about pigeon ****?

Mr White (Si, that is), washers, shock and MOT. Need I say more??? :D

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