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Roof Protection Idea


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what are the thoughts on a section of chequer plate being formed around the curve of the roof as long as you don't have alpine lights that is.

does anyone think this would add strength/save roof damage if the were curved and rivetted on I think they could be a worthwhile addition

anyone care to dispell my idea.

it could go from the gutter to the joint on top of the roof.

I have the plate but no means to bend it, suggestions welcome(not daft ones)

ps I don't want a Truck cab :D

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I think it would add strength, but not enough. It'd still bend, unless you used Nige's 'repair sections', and when it did bend it would look worse than just the bent roof and be harder to bang the dents out. You need a cage like Bos's or the one I had on Alf.

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I think i would go with Will and the reinforcing on the inside to maintian outside looks.

to bash the dents out of previous ht roofs i cut a peice of wood to fit the curve of the inside roof with a jigsaw and corresponding matching part for the outside the used that end on with gentle application of the hammer from the inside.

if you make the roof bit stronger and still go down the low lane does that not mean that instead of it crumbling in a localised area you could have a larger amount of damage (at the end of the reinforcement areas) or the vehicle just gets stuck and wedged in.

although agreeded that reinforcing it would minimise/eliminate light damage.

let more air of the tyres when theres a low bit?

extend the cage back from the front hoop where it joins goes through the roof.

or jack the vehicle up further, always park it on high ground and then you will never be able to see it.

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Oh Gawd Quick....................

[loud hailer on] Step away from the chequer plate TC [/hailer off]

Its a problem the roof does take some brunt off road, I think Wills is a good route,

I have thought a smaller light duty (yes, I know rare to see words like this from me :D ) version of the saftey devices external cage styley) so to more of a 'frame' to keep damage off than a cage which you have inside....

It would ad weight...

I thought about this route when I went for the (now) current toy, decided frankly that roofs are VVV cheap, so I'll live with the damage on the roof, and when it gets too bad I'll just replace the roof, they are all white which also helps,

true ribbed roofs are a load cheaper than ribbless (Oooer), but the options for protection are limited....

The other thing is that the roof "Curve" is an odd one, Jon W and I fiddled with cardboard and I played with some serious rolling kit before I found out that its not a "True Curve" etc....odd, but hey what do you expect from land Rover :lol:


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Yep, quite right.

When I was building my cage I did look at external cages, namely Evans, and Safety dev, I discounted all external cages for one reason or another

1. They tend (DS) to be thinner / not 50 CDS tube.

2. They have not internal diagnal, this makes it VERY weak in a roll over and its messy complex to fit one, with an INTERNAL CAge the diags are easy and neat.

3. 90s with full external cgaes also IMHO can look as tho the scaffolders have moved in.... (I'll get flamed for that one )

4. They also can be extremely heavy (now, stop laughing you lot - I KNOW what going through you minds righ now stop it :lol: )

5. Cost...... Horrendous, and PITA to fit.

6. They are often not close fitting to the bodywork, and can get branches etc jammed in them but they do and can offer massive protection...

In the end due to 1 2 3 and 6 (note you lot 4 was left out :lol: ) I built my own internal cage system double cross etc and external front....

But, roof and side damge was then highly liklely, in fact the roof has a HUGE dent and a HUGE Tear in it already Ho hum....

As with all things its compromise and choice, there is no "Best" just more Difference"...

External do by their nature offer far more protection, somehow I think this option is not on TCs list of possibilities now he has his internal one !


The other possiblity would be say 25 wall tube, made to fit OVER the roof top, say like a shaped and fitted roof rack, where the rack followed the absolute shape of the roof, then connected via plates and bolts to the internal cage hoops.

This would give the roof and edges a reall Steel Hair net" type of protection,

Again, the weight will all be at the top of the 90, it must affect COG to some degree, but its and idea, it would also be relatively easy and cheap to make, just a thought...


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Thanks all

I really should ask thes questions after some sleep.

this one was after being awake for 24hrs straight..

Nige the Chequer plate has been returned to the stores :lol:

I await Simonrs new ideas.

no external cage for me I agree with Nige.

I think the current roof adds character :rolleyes:

I may try to make a beating out stiick like Mo, mine was a shovel and wooden mallet with the expected results.

the tree/wall caught the side as well and would prove difficult to chop down(if not illegal)

cheers all

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Or just extend the roof bars of the cage all the way back ala Will/Bos/Alf's cages. An extra 6ft of tube won't add that much weight. I really think this is the best option for hard tops. Full external is a good idea for soft tops like Si's.

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