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To 8 spoke or NOT to 8 Spoke?

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Finally got round to trying a set of 8 Spokes out on the Defender.

Originally I bought them with some ropey 235/86r16 mud pluggers for the 80", the tyres were then replaced with some part worn 265/75r16 BFG A/T. But once fitted they were

  • Blatantly Illegal
  • Looked stupid


OK so finally I got round to fitting them to the 110 yesterday..

Hmm, OK driven to work today, wheels definately need re balancing, over 50 theres a hell of a wobble on the steering :(

Anyway, what do you all think to the Gayspokes ?

With Gay Spokes on 265/75r16 BFG AT the wheels just fit within the arches.


With original Boost alloys and original 235/85r16 General Grabbers.


What do you all think looks best ?

Should I get them rebalanced or just go back to the Boosts?

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Ta chaps.

I really didn't like them once they were on. So I have whipped em off and popped the Boost back on. There's still 20K left on 4 of the grabbers (I've done 26K already). Plus 265's are not for me, 235's when I come to replace them

So I shall sell the 8 spokes on, after Christmas, and hopefully they will pay part of the way to going rag top again on the 80", then I will be able to fit the 7.50s to that and still get it in the garage !!

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Hmm, just noticed one of the plasic grills has fallen off the stupid row of spotlights on the roofrack !!

In my defence I must point out they were on the vehicle when I bought it 3 years ago, I have used them once in that time to help put a marquee up late one night for a Scouts camp, but they tended to blind everyone and rapidly depleted the battery!

Problem is they are all wired up now so removing them would just leave a hole through the roof.

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This is like the Emperors new clothes to me.................Sorry.

Boost are ugly as f**k. Heavy and clunky looking and just not suited to Defenders at all.

More suited to a Range Rover/Land Cruiser car like look, which ISNT what a Defender (or any other proper Land Rover) is about. Trying to make it look like a car just doesn't look right, in fact, I cant think of any alloys that DO really suit it.

Steels look FAR better in any flavour IMO,

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