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Wiring component help needed

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I would like to add an extra 12v circuit into the rear area of my Renault Trafic Land Rover :blush: to run auxiliary items.
I would like to keep the install tidy and factory looking. I have decided the best way to this is to take a 12v feed straight from the positive battery terminal, using one of the empty midi fuse slots. I will place a midi fuse in the empty slot to protect the circuit. I have had a search of the net and the one piece I can not find is the square bolts that go through the midi fuses. They are 10-11mm across the square face. Can anybody point me in the right direction to sourcing a few?



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Arrgh.. Sometimes its just annoying to not live in the same country as you guys, at my work (which I have just quit) I used to throw these in the bin because I had so many :D They came in an airride system that we got from a big Dutch company called'VB Airsuspension' as a part of a kit, but they weren't used.. But they must get them from somewhere, so might be worth contacting them, or at least find out if they have a British partner?

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