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Kinda OT, Toyota hilux


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4wd hilux, anyone know if they have a low box in them?

Yes they do. They differ from Land rover transfer cases in that the rear output flange is in line with the rest of the gearbox ie where the landrover pto cover is. The front output flange is in a similar position to a landrover one.



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IIRC the '91 Hilux at the farm I used to work at had Low range, it was set up much like a series with high 2wd drive, high 4wd and low 4wd :)


Have sold a couple in the past and that is how they were - 2H, 4H and 4L

And bl*^dy uncomfortable at all speeds :lol:

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Funnily enough I've always liked em.......

Add a set of Frontera alloys and a set of old XR2 seats and it looks alot better and is alot more comfortable.

Have to say though they always handle better with a few bags of cement in the back........and that stupid dooda thats supposed to adjust the braking bias dependant on the load is always siezed solid......

And pray you never get a punture casue the spare wheel mechanism is always siezed solid too......

And they rust like crazy.......

The Na diesels are slower than a slow thing and the petrols are just thirsty........

Still like them though......


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A lad we go offroading with runs a Hilux with huge lift, 37" boggers and lockers front and rear, quite a nice truck, doesnt seem to break as much as a Defender. He's also building a pimpy one for the road with a 5.7 Chevy V8 :D

Sorry, no pictures tho :(

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Yeah but you wish it would break down so you could get out and rest your spine :lol:

Definitely, kidney belt is a must in one of these, just like most of the Landcruisers, a Series LR is soft by comparison. Defenders are decadent luxury by comparison, believe me !

Still, like Land Rovers, there's still a lot of old ones in daily use in Africa


Everything keeps going right, Toyota ! (advertising slogan here)

Note the important moving parts have been replaced with LR items though :D



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They changed to IFS a few years back. These don't go very well off road.

The ones with solid front axle have leaf springs all round.

Lots and lots of after market support for these in Aus and USA.

IIRC hilux has been biggest selling 4wd in Aus for many years. Probably more sales in a week or 2, than all Rovers in a year.

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