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Differences In Locksets

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The lock hole is the handle is much larger diameter and also deeper. The new type handles are £50 each. The rear door handle is also different but that is about £30 on eBay

Before Christmas there was a seller on ebay doing new late ignition barrel, three matching lock barrels and a pair of new late front door handles for £69.99, but they were poorly listed so we're quite hard to find. Unfortunatly I bought all three of their remaining sets, one for each of my defenders!

If you want dimensions I still have asset boxed up which ie not yet fitted.

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Lol, I hear my name :)

As OneAndTwo said it's new handles and a new rear door lock because the new barrels are longer and larger in diameter. I was being a cheapskate so modified my existing handles and rear door lock, however I'd say that wasn't a sensible use of my time ;)

You can see pictures of the differences in the barrels here http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=64861&p=619379

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Come now James, you should know im not that posh ;)

No aircon. No heated screen. No heated rear window. Hell i dont even have a rear WIPER...

Now't wrong with a few luxuries in life, central locking was one of the first things I did to my 90!

Would never be without it for a car to use every day :)

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