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We have a Berlingo going cheap, body problems, got a 1.8 diesel in it, anyone any thoughts on putting this in a series motor.

R plate but runs OK.


Well, it can't have less power than a series motor! How is it for torque?

Will you use the gearbox too? You either need to mate that to a transfer box, or mate the engine to the series (or replacement) box of course, this would be the biggest headache.

Is it going in a SWB or LWB landy? How long is the box?

I suppose if you only want 2wd you could dispense with the transfer box mating problem, but it's hardly an upgrade, is it!

Physical dimensions / clearances? Weight (must be less than a series engine - so thats a good start).

Just a few Q's to get you going! Al.

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Berlingo engine has less power and torque than a 2.25 petrol, and very similar to a 2.25 diesel, but with peak torque higher up the rev band than the landrover engine. Performance (apart from economy) would be worse! Way too small!



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My works 04 plate berlingo will just about do a tonne downhill with the wind behind, but takes an age to get there! IMHO its underpowered. I'd prefer to look for the 2.8tdi isuzu lump and drop that in - kits available off the shelf and the engines are bulletproof!


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Perkins Prima (Montego) 2l turbo diesel engine. That is the answer. :) You can get an adapter ring off the shelf too.


I agree Chris.

Sorry for the hijack gents.

Good engine the prima, but only use the turbo version. Had one in my S3 SWB for around 6 years. 34mpg, instant start, good speed, high revving - 5000 rpm, with a little fuel tweek able to cruise at 75 mph with overdrive, got my adaptor from dudleigh, believe they have now adapted their kit to take the existing landrover flywheel and starter.

No problems at all. They (Rover) probably should have done more development work to this engine as it goes like a bomb in a landy....especially series ones and very of course now cheap to buy.

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L-series is a development of the Prima. IIRC there is a DI head on the L series rather than the IDI on the Prima. They certainly look similar.


Actually Chris sorry to correct you, the Prima is Di (Direct injection) none of that old fangled

struggle-to-start IDI stuff.

For info or anyone sourcing the engine...Perkins built it under licence for Rover who used them in Montego / Maestros / Sherpas.

As you say all Rover did was modernise the basic unit from approx 1995 onwards and use it as L- series in their later rover cars incl freelander.

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So using the Montego adapter plate you can fit any L-series to a 4-pot Landy bellhousing? Wonder if any other rover lumps share the bellhousing pattern as the L seems to stop at 11bhp which isn't quite enough to be interesting :rolleyes:

Hmmm... Wikipedia is my friend:

In 1986, BL collaborated with Perkins to convert the O-series to run on diesel. The oil-burning versions (known as the "Perkins Prima") proved to be highly successful in the Maestro and Montego, and helped sustain the ailing mid-sized models into the 1990s.

By 1987, British Leyland (now known as the Austin Rover Group) equipped the O-Series with a 16-valve cylinder head for the Rover 800. This 2.0 litre unit was known as the M-Series, and was further reworked into the T-Series in 1992. The original 8-valve version of the O-Series was also briefly used in budget versions of the Rover 800.

And the M-series went into the Disco MPi, which brings me full circle to Marko Cosic's 2.0T & LT77 Series.

Thread hijack over, normal service can now continue... :unsure:

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