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hello and a question


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waving_cat_and_dog.gif_480_480_0_64000_0.... been a few years. so hello.

Who's still here - hybrid from hell, fridge freezer, Les Henson, Les Brock, Nick with the orange RR, that Lovejoy fella in Dorset, White90????

Anyways .... my LWT was built in 1975 but is registered on 1982 Y plate. I believe the 40 years road tax is still rolling so it should be free now. :)

I've yet to find and look at the V5 but have a feeling I need to re-register on '75 plate to get free tax.

Any advice appreciated.

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I think it did...


But it's done every year in the budget so you'll probably have to wait for April for it to be updated to 'vehicles made before January 1976' which will bring yours into the scheme.

It's the date of manufacture not registration that applies, so you shouldn't have to change anything as long as the date is recorded on the V5 correctly.

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Who's still here - hybrid from hell, fridge freezer, Les Henson, Les Brock, Nick with the orange RR, that Lovejoy fella in Dorset, White90????

hybrid from hell - The un-broken bits of him are still here

fridge freezer - Could be!

Les Henson - Just hanging on though not as active as of old

Les Brock - Don't know, not noticed posts from Les for a while

Nick with the orange RR - Sadly not for a while.

that Lovejoy fella in Dorset - Shhh - don't tell anyone....

White90 (Tony) - Nope!


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It was Devon, not Dorset; and it's Somerset now. Older, fatter, greyer, more kids....

Good to know you are still alive - I'll let the ORRP crowd know

Hello Mr Nonimouse. Dorset indeed and one tiny girl at the time we met, must be ready to take o-levels now - how time flies eeek!!!

re: orrp - I have a look in once in a while and if the posts by Des are ignored, followed by the racists, homophobic and sexist ones, there is not much going on there. It's a strange place as the few orrp'ers I've met seem like nice chaps and chapesses yet it is almost compulsory to be as obnoxious as possible on the forum (note -that is not saying the ones are met are like that)

... and yes, it probably is my round - what you having h.o.g.?

oh yeah, back to the question. I got response to mail sent to DVLA - basically the rolling 40 years was brought back and is intended to continue but we will only know at the next budget in April 2016. Also the v5 needs to be sent off to change to "historic vehicle" and can be easily done if the date of manufacture is stated on v5. The registration can remain the same (?? from memory).

Hopefully I can get the lwt recommissioned by then; in middle of slicing of a welded-on bullbar to be able to fit original military bumper with bumperettes and other work. A foreseen problem is the exhaust, parts of which may need patching or replacing, not a simple task as it is 88 in series with a v8 so no off the shelf exhaust - I have a feeling it may be parts of early RR; the down pipe from the exhaust manifolds (rover p6) are the main concern.

forgot to mention will/devon/cake shop/red 110 - any signs of activity?

Rest assured no cats were waxoyled in the production of this post.

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Will Bowden - Exmoor Beast is still alive. He still has the red 110 but no cake shop.

The little girl will be 17 in a months time, stuffed up her GCSE's and her first attempt at college, but seems to have re-joined the human race - I have two more one of 8 and one of 4. They both love land rovers and lanes. The youngest is well set for a career in organised crime

There's a back room on orrp - most of the old gang meet there or on Facebook. Chard, Keef, Barv, Craig, Big Andy and many others are still around but older and a little more settled

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