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Where have you put your second battery

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Where have you located additional batteries other than in the battery box?

I have a big Numax and a large amplifier in the battery box, so i am wondering if there are any other convenient places to site a second battery? Where have you put yours? Should i adjust the battery box and/or position of the amp for ease of fitting the second battery?

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Lots of options.

First off, you might want to get one of the middle seat, underseat boxes. Would make for a good place for an amp and things I'd expect. And free up room in the battery box.

Depending on engine, you might be able to put something under the bonnet.

Or if you have a NAS/Td5 fuel tank, then under the drivers seat.

Other options would be in the bed somewhere. Or if you don't mind fabrication, you could probably cut a cubby box out of the seat box by the rear door and make a compartment there for a battery.

Although multiple batteries often come with wiring headaches and split charging systems. Depending on what you need it for, you might just want to consider buying physically the largest battery that'll fit in the battery box (maybe something off a tractor).

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On my 109, I have them both in the tool box behind the rear left wheel. It wouldn't be hard to fabricate a mounting to do the same. My Lightweight was FFR, so had two batteries in the shallow tray between the front seats (Paddock are selling copies of them), but they still sat high up and needed a cover box that precludes a normal cubby box because the tray depth is limited by the transmission (might not even fit above the higher sited Defender transmissions). If it does fit, you could move everything else from the existing battery box into there for two batteries under the left seat.

I like Fridge's idea and may well copy it to free up that rear locker. There is also space under the front floor panels, tucked up against the chassis in the same way, and you could fit hinged inspection panels to make servicing them easier.

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On the chassis behind the seatbox, between two outriggers, fits perfick (not sure if a stock 90/110 is the same though):


Thats a good idea. Do you have a case around it to protect it further? I guess it wouldnt be hard to fabricate some plastic plates to protct it from the elements down there?

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Tough plastic exterior plus Vaseline for the terminals is all I would expect it to need, and guess it has both already?

Aye no different to agriculture equipment or lorries, all external

I went for over rear wheel as I also have a large capacity battery in the battery box along with some other bits


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Battery is just hung there as-is with quick-release terminals and standard hold-down, the ambulance doesn't do extreme off-roading - although between two outriggers you'd have to be going some to damage it.

As others have said, plenty of trucks & plant mount the battery outside with no issues.

Mk2 cradle is a bit more elegant (it's the one at the back), picks up on existing chassis holes so zero drilling:


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