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  1. ukspike

    Best recovery option?

    On axle every time if its accessible, if not jate rings and as short a rope as possible.
  2. ukspike

    Land Rover defender mysterious bracket!

    Its a Wheel Chock,
  3. ukspike

    Gwyn Lewis mud shields and mud flaps

    I made my own for my 110 out of 6mm rubber, works out a lot cheaper than Mr Lewis ones. since fitting them Iv'e done a lot of on field driving, they do stop a lot of mud getting caught up under your truck.
  4. ukspike

    A bit of fellow truck appreciation...

    Glad I'm not the only one that does that, and then theirs the waving to each other when meeting on the road.
  5. ukspike


    A left and a right Sir very good going.
  6. ukspike


    Yes Merry Christmas every one, V8 Freak don't think on a Sunday evening you'll get much shopping done, hope you done it earlier in the day.
  7. ukspike

    Front dumb irons

    That's nearly as bad as my wife, But only nearly.
  8. ukspike

    Front dumb irons

    Arjan Now that's thinking outside the box, or inside a Land Rover!!!
  9. ukspike

    Front dumb irons

    Do that and a Gxxxpy admin will come along moaning at you for not being Land Rover related, Nice looking dogs by the way.
  10. ukspike

    Intermittent front wipers

    I did the same as Mo, much less hassle.
  11. ukspike

    My Defender 90 Build

    First thing I would change would be the steering wheel, it's on the wrong side, Sorry could not resist, it looks very nice indeed.
  12. ukspike

    Recommended a swivel kits?

    I fitted Britpart swivels on mine, had the truck five years after fitting and they were still good when I sold it. To many people I think knock Britpart without even giving them a chance. Right, of now with my bullet proof jacket and hard hat on.
  13. Hi guys. i've not had the one ten that long, but this afternoon I was cleaning the inside out and I noticed that the rear seats have got the recline lever like the two front seats but they do nothing, is this right or should I be able to use this lever to pull the back of the seat down to gain access behind them.
  14. Personally i would'nt pay half of what your asking for it. search the web and you'll see what I mean.
  15. ukspike

    Door Lock Security

    Perhaps some sparkles, go faster stripes, self polishing high sheen surface or similar frippery would have had appealed to the new breed of thrusting, go getter, metrosexual, image conscious Puma owner. Looks like Ill have to sell my two Pxxm's and get my old Td5 back to be in the right gang.

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