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  1. I think your bathroom scale may have just been at its upper limit, no way that a winchbumper is the same weight as a stock bumper.
  2. Did you actually take the shaft out to check? Definitely check the shaft mounts haven't come loose too.
  3. Err, the one that we had on the shelf The best solution is to connect it to a switched live though, I've noticed the battery is drained after about two weeks of standing still, but I can't really say if that's due to the relay.
  4. Sounds like you just need a Range Rover. Not even a normal-sized person can steer and declutch in a Defender.
  5. The relay still works fine for me too, still connected to permanent + because I'm too lazy to change it. I've left the car standing for a few days without starting problems, so I'm confident it isn't drawing too much power. I just zip-tied the relay to the bracket holding the coolant tank, and ran a cable to the dash to a 12V LED that's grounded there. The only pain is unscrewing the coolant cap, you have to hold the centre part of the cap so you don't force the cables too much.
  6. I used a switching relay, and attached an LED to the non-energized pin, so when the relay loses power due to the float dropping, the LED goes on. Not an optimal solution, but it doesn't seem to draw too much power, I had the components, and it works. I should probably hang it off the ignition someday, at the moment it's connected to the battery directly because it's right next to it.
  7. I've had the same idea - it can't be hard to come up with a good traction control system, and since I like fiddling with things, I'd make it so it's controllable via computer (with a shiny interface, of course). Also, you'll obviously kill a busload of nuns!
  8. I take it you never knew Windows ME? Vista post-SP1 is pretty good, W7 is better, but is really a service pack for Vista in disguise.
  9. I have one of those serial to USB things from Belkin, it seemed to work pretty well when my mate borrowed it while he got a computer with a serial port. It's a Belkin F5U109, has drivers for lots of OSes, and has worked with most things I've thrown at it (IC programmers etc).
  10. Try using the macro mode on your camera (the little flower-labelled button).
  11. I know of an R380 behind a cammed and ported 4.6 in a P38 which regularly tows heavy trailers that seems to be holding out quite well
  12. I have a Belkin F5U109 that worked perfectly with it, but not for a 64-bit OS though. W7 found the drivers automatically.
  13. I can't really see where I did that, but if I did, that was not my intention and my apologies for that. True. I'm not seeing all that much information there on the exact process, and the chemicals/minerals they release, but I'll take your word for it then. Recycling still takes up resources. You can't recycle everything, and although Wikipedia claims otherwise, I'm sure the recycling process isn't 100% clean and isolated. And who's going to stop them? The people that make batteries aren't some hippie gods, they're just companies like the oil companies. They'll dig up what they want
  14. I'm not denying this With all the hippies that seem to control everything that still think nuclear is bad, this won't be happening. And there isn't a massive amount of converting going on with power from the socket, you think? It doesn't really add another stage, there are already machines on the market that produce plenty of hydrogen for a regular car by connecting it to a tap and putting up a solar panel. Google it if you wish. I don't see the difference really. In the beginning they didn't need to destroy the rain forest to dig oil, they just ran out. What do you think they'll do
  15. I'm still amazed at people thinking electric cars with batteries are somehow good for the environment. Adding to the obvious of generating the power, there's the manufacturing of the batteries, which isn't exactly the cleanest process there is. You also have to put these batteries somewhere, and you can't forget they weigh a *lot*. Diesel generator driving an electric motor (or more than one) is an affordable start with current technology, and at least it keeps some of the noise going Fuel cells (be it with hydrogen or kryptonite, don't care what the current technology is at) are more in th
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