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Dakar / Baja Rolls Royces

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I've seen a pic or two crop up over the years but I happened across a thread on these today which linked to actual technical details and I thought they're cool enough to be of interest here.

A Paris-Dakar Rally Rolls-Royce Rides Again - The Seventies-era Corniche that competed in the 1981 edition of the desert endurance event takes another turn in the sand.

WTF Friday: Off Road In Style



I think my lottery-win project list just got another entry :D

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I love the article..... this comment is gold 


It was the car of Jean-Christophe [Pelletier], my co-pilot. And because the car was often [breaking down], we decided to put it in the desert,” recalls the car’s driver, suave Frenchman Thierry de Montcorgé.

it breaks down often so they decide to enter it into an endurace race....... I can appreciate that lol 

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Those were great to see in action (in what little coverage there was of the Paris-Dakar then ) back then . Another mad

desert racer was the LM002




courtesy of the internet . I think the 80's were somewhat of a golden age of motorsport and the Dakar was the maddest race of all - remember , no GPS or comms to speak of .


Steve b 

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