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7/16 UNC bolts


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35 minutes ago, HoSS said:

Really struggling to find some 7/16 UNC x 8" (190mm) bolts.

Does anyone know of a supplier, or if they have a LR part number?

If you cannot get any you could make some by buying some 7/16 threaded bar available in 36" lengths and welding a 7/16 unc nut onto one end

regards Stephen

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10 hours ago, Anderzander said:

8” is the issue - I bet HT up to 5” or 6” would be quite straight forward.

Where are they needed for ? 

Its the body mount bolts for my Volvo C306, they pass though the chassis. And upper end is captive nut so not chance to change for anything else.

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how many do you need?  Most places are happy to source whatever you ask for but you might have to order a whole box. 

Oxford Bearings are my usual go-to and they've found me some strange stuff over the years for work. I've dropped an email to my usual contact. 

Another is Spalding Fasteners, usually though Ebay.

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Thats a slim bolt for the length ! I have got some 5/8 X 8 inch, but way too thick I guess ?

Another vote for Spalding Fasteners, I used to get oddball stuff from DJ Invicta in Kent. They had a huge stock of imperial stuff, but I don't know if they still do ?

What is the size of those long bolts that go through the top of the rear shocks on a series ? Probably thicker ?

You can get high tensile metric studding, but I dont know about imperial ? However, I dont really like fully threaded bolts for anything other than thin stuff, because of possible fretting. 

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