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Propshaft phasing permanent 4x4 lt95


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The front prop is out of phase on I think all permanent 4x4 land rovers Upto td5 disco/tdci defender. I believe it was to reduce vibration. When I built my tomcat the front and rear props were swapped so I reset the front prop to inline for the rear and shifted the rear prop out of phase for the front. I never tried it different but figured land rover did it for a reason.


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If the diff pinion and transfer box output shafts are parallel, then the yolks should be in phase regardless of which vehicle it is.  If the pinion is inclined, like the coiler front axles, then they will be out of phase by a specific amount.  It doesn’t matter whether they are part time or permanent 4wd.

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Light cleaning with a cup brush should reveal them, maybe better still using some medium grit sandpaper wrapped around the shaft and rubbed circumferentially to work across the stamped mark, leaving the rust in the recess.

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7 hours ago, steve b said:

What, like the Lexus V8?:stirthepot:


The Lexus V8 is just an engine. The Defender it's destined for is still pottering around quite happily and dare I say it putting in more graft on a daily basis than a lot of vehicles on here do in a month :P.

All I can say is no nasty vibrations or rumbles from it and cruising in comfort on leather Range Rover seats.


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