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Skipping CDs in your truck

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I've had 2 CD players in my truck, and neither has played without skipping occasionally.

This isn't helped by the fact that the player mounted at 60 degrees in a cubby box.

So, I got one of these.


It has a USB port on the front of it. Just put all your tunes on a USB key and plug it in. At the moment, I'm using a mini card reader and an SD card.

No moving parts, no skipping. Accesses the key in about a second, changes tracks/albums very quickly and even remembers where it was playing the last time the key was plugged in.

Excellent :)

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Yep, I have one too, though my USB connection is on a flylead from the back (Kenwood head unit) not sure which is best, I wished I had got one with the port on the front but somebody said that they can give problems over time with bad connections because of the weight hanging out of the front and vibrating up and down.

It is great, but it is impossible to get the damn songs to play in the order you want them to, even renaming the tracks. It plays them in the order they were saved on the key, and that it it, unless you reformat the key and re-copy them all again which is too much of a pain!

You can buy the portable USB hard drives to plug into them, so 40GB is a lot of MP3 music! But I hate to think what it is like if you try to organise it "now was it track 34387 or 38347 I was looking for" :unsure::lol:

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Guest diesel_jim

If you take a look at eastcoast rovers website (great site that!) and look at some of the 90 and 110 projects, they fit Mp3 player brackets into the cubby boxes, running the cable from the stereo (although most US rovers have the radio in the cubby box, so not a great length of cable run)

they use a little spring clip thing to hold the Mp3 player, close the cubbybox lid to keep it out of harms way, and hey presto!

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I'm using a device called a ICE-Link IPOD to make the IPOD emulate a 6 CD changer.

The first 5 disks just play the first five playlists, which can be as big as you like.

They work with all sorts of radios, and just plug into the CD changer port on the back.

Not only does it not skip, the limit to the number of tunes you carry with you. I have this in the car rather than the truck. I am currently trying an Itrip transmitter which attaches to the bottom of the Ipod, but I have not got that working well yet. Still I have only had it for a week.

Could always go back to tapes........ :D :D :D :D :D :D


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