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It's that time of the year again. The 90 has come up for renewal. I have been with Sureterm for the last three years but I think that it's time to shop around.

Who are you using? Will they allow for modifications? What other bonuses do they give??


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Sure turm after 3 yrs could not be botherd to phone me back with a quote for this year :huh:

Snow ball

insured the 90 4.2 V8 with cage lockes front and rear, 8274 front and rear, uprated brakes axles diffs ARB front bumper, Simex, lift kit and so on.

I'm 28 for £380 limited milage

My freelander hand brake failed and rolled off my drive and squashed a BMW last year.

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I'm currently with Admiral, but I'm going to get a quote from Liverpool Victoria when the policy comes up for renewal in April as they saved me around £170 on my household contents (just hope that they don't have problems with it being a Land Rover and a hard top to boot!)

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OH OH OH! i have been waiting soooooooooooooooooo long to say this

altogether now.........................

<singing mode on>


Sorry! will go and beat myself round the head with a big pointy stick now! :lol::lol::lol: :lol

p.s. But they do say you can save a bunch of fivers!

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I wanted to go with Adrian Flux this year, as I'd had a quote from them about 6 months ago, and it was incredible. When I tried to give them money, they re-checked and the quote had gone up 4*. When I asked them, they said that it was because my vehicle was a 'van' (hardtop), and they couldn't do them anymore. I suggested that I fit windows to the back, or put on a canvas tilt onto it. Because it had been manufactured as a van, it would be considered a van always. At that point, I gave up and went back to the NFU who I have never had any trouble with - they were just a few quid more expensive since I put my wife onto the policy. Will try Adrian Flux again next year.

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Fire bond

90 , 300tdi 1995

8274 front and rear

winch bumper

simex tyres (35")

rock sliders

diff gaurds

suspension lift

roll cage


me 26 NO no claims discount , as my series 3 with sure term didnt accur no claim discount , although they cheaked and took in to account my 3 years on that and the 8 years no claims on my car (group 20 :( )

my girl friend 25 no no claims discount and two claims in two years :blink:

6000 miles per year

£320 fully comp , oh and for an extra £15 they have insured my keys (and any key on the keyring) for up to £1500 per year :D

same spec with sure term who i had been with for just over 3 years £1100 :lol:

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