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Which engine hoists do you have?


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I've been looking out for an engine hoist for a little while now. It won't see a lot of use so I'd prefer to spend as little as I can sensibly get away with.

From reading other posts on here and elsewhere it seems that the 1 tonne types are still capable of lifting a V8, or even a Td5 at full reach (250kg rated). It also seems most can lift more than they are rated to (to a point).

Clarke, Sealey and various unbranded ones crop up on our favourite auction site regularly in varying forms, fold up, not fold up, bolt together from kit and so on.

I have looked at Sealey's NC10,

Clarke's CFC100

and this unbranded model as being among the cheapest. I know cheapest ain't always best but that's where I have started. Who has experience of these, and are they up to Landrover abuse?

Maximum reach seems to be around 1160mm on most of these, but that's measured from the boom pivot.

To my mind a more useful figure would be from the end of the boom to the lift cylinder, that is to say the actual distance it can reach over an object.

My main requirements are, it must fold for storage, must be upto LR engine or gearbox weights, be able to reach into LR engine bay, have wheels that can cope with a block paved driveway, and not be to much of a piece of cr4p :o .

Any model recommendations, other advice and tips would be appreciated.


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I wouldn't worry, just get a cheapy, for light use they are fine.

I have a nutool one and have lifted a tonne on the half-tonne setting no probs (didn't know at the time)!

The welds look pretty naff, but they seem to survive ok.

Just buy what's cheapest, provided it has sufficient reach. Al.

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Perhaps we need a 'tool archive'. Bit like the tech archive but this time offering tools rather than information.

I have an engine hoist which I have just bought and used but with any luck it will now gather dust for a year or more.

Perhaps those with tools they are prepared to loan could post them to the archive with a tool index.


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I've got one of the Sealey Yankee 2ton engine lifts, easily lifts engines and gearbox's out as one lump and has 6 wheels instead of 4 which makes it more stable and easier to move when folded. I also use it for lifting landys onto tall axle stands to do axle changes and welding underneath etc, I bought it from a local agricultural equipment supplier on one of Sealey's offers for £160, well worth checking out the special offer leaflets and local suppliers to see whats available.

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I used to have one like this from Machine Mart but in 500kg form. It wasn't much good folded as it didn't stand up very securely and fell over often. You can just make out the tiny little tabs that flick down to hold the crane upright when folded. Also when dragging it around it rolls on its casters and they flop about and cause the top end of the crane to bang on your chest right where it hurts. Also the ram pump lever is all pivoted on the frame and so removing the ram means dismantelling the pump handle mechanism.

I would prefer this type as the ram and pump is all one unit and can be removed for other purposes. Also when folded it stands on 4 casters so it is easier to move about. It also has a handle on the top to drag it about by 'neanderthal' fashion.

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Thank you Gents,

Telehandlers and tractor loaders :o Such brutality!

Probably very good for pulling a truck apart, maybe not so good for the delicate positioning of an engine in a vehicle that you want to remain intact. Oh and too much £ for me :lol:

Looks like everyone is getting along just fine with the cheapy/borrowed ones, but still dreaming about the fancy expensive cranes.

Alas I don't know anyone local to me who will lend one for more than an afternoon. If I just wanted it for a weekend, yes I would hire one. However normal enthusiast style faffing about generally requires longer availability. On top of all that I like to be self sufficient where possible.


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Thanks for the offer of lending yours Steve_d.

And thanks for everyone's input too.

I took a trip to my local auto factor to see what they could offer. I've ended up with the Sealey NC10 which looks to be pretty much a ringer for the Clarke Folding Jobbie that a number of you have.

For reference the distance from where the ram attaches to the boom, to the hook is ~850mm when horizontal. So I think this should be fine for reaching into a Defender engine bay to lift a factory positioned V8, but a 200Tdi may need more reach.

That said I think it would be easy to extend the reach if necessary. It lifted a V8 with ease at full stretch, the ram is rated at 3 tonne so even with an extended boom there must be grunt to spare. The rest of the frame looks man enough to cope.

Another plus point is how small it folds up.

At £140 inc VAT I think I got a pretty good deal.


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