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So what's the point of this?


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So, other than making a 230 inch Defender, what else has been acheived?

Improved breakover angle? Err. no.

Improved ride comfort? Methinks not.

Better turning circle? Ha ha ha.

Simplified rear transnission? No.

DVLA "issues" dealt with? No.

Brakes upgraded to deal with extra running weight? Doesn't mention it, so assume no.

All in all, no point really. If I were going to do this kind of thing, at least I'd do something worthy of a few ooohs and aaaahs, like an 8x8 Range Rover or something. There are 100s of things like this on the road, and this one misses the essential Land Rover point - its a go-anywhere Meccano kit that often looks better with a few scratches and a bit of mud on it.

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