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Nurse! He's out of bed again!

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Although we're not going to Ladoga this year, it seems a small side project is in the offing aimed at the TR2 class in MegaHard Ukraine, which is on the 28th of May. So that's a month then. :blink:

So far there's this:


And a lot more bits of crusty old Land Rover than we've had in the lab for quite some time.

Full build thread on the team forum

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Last night's progress:


Edelbrock carb & inlet manifold ditched in favour of the MS'n'EDIS setup from the Range Rover:


This weekend sees a lot of cleaning, painting, and big lumps being attached. Also sees yours truly with an awful lot of wiring to do and an ECU to modify.

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looks good :) i like the yellow, what does the T2 stand for?

It's TR2, which is Trophy Raid Class 2. Mouse was TR4 (Prototype class) which is the most stupid, then TR3 (~37" tyres, portals etc. allowed), TR2 (big-ish tyres, no axle swaps allowed, standard silhouette, multiple winches allowed), then TR1 (almost standard, tyres 1" bigger, winch allowed). Basically this will be competing in a class for standard-ish vehicles, quite similar to a basic UK challenge truck sort of spec really.

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A bit more progress, things are moving along nicely now, the sleep & coffee pain barrier has been crossed and life is groovy:


Thanks to TJ for turning out to lend a hand and a lot of off-colour humour.

I completely failed to let the smoke out of the electrics, so as of 5am today we can see where we're going:


Vince-built winch bumper is looking good too.

We couldn't be bothered to refit the manky plastic dashboard so Kimi got the crayons out (of his nose) and bent some ali:


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For a second there I though that the steering was done by selecting the switch that most closely resembles the direction that you'd like to head in... :blink: Then I realised that the combination of funny camera angle, custom dash, and cider had made a fool of me. Or more of a fool of me.

Really tidy and good looking truck, especially as it's all happened in the time it's taken me to undercoat my chassis...

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Throttle pedal is there, it just got painted the same colour as everything else :P previous owner chopping the end off it doesn't help either.

Anyway, it's now "finished" and they're away, hopefully all will go well.



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