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OT Its a tough life

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10 days without a LR and no mud on sight, just surrounded by water?? :o No, thanks!

OK, you REALLY suck!! :D I'll be on vacation from this wednesday until the 19th. I don't know nothing about boats, but I'm excellent at the "sleeping on the deck while getting a tan" part. Are you interested? ;)

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Strange as it sounds I do sometimes have trouble getting crew. :(

I dont know yet about this trip because the owner wants to do some of the trip with me and qualify as a day skipper during the trip.

This is a nice one though as there are no deadlines for getting to Alicante and the boats pedigree is suberb it has true Trans Atlantic capability. They are not all like this and sometimes you are forced to push on through weather that under normal circumstances you would wait for to blow over. :unsure:

I once took a 95 ft Trader out to Gibralter to meet the owner and his family and ending up with a nightmare trip in horrendous weather to get there because he was waiting. I spent 36 hrs on watch because my other two crew where to ill to get out of theirs bunks.

Othertimes you can cross the Bay of Biscay and spend hours in flat calm on the bow watching the dolphins. :) :)

As for no mud I did once find some coming out of the Thames Esturay and spent 12 hours looking at it with the nearst sea over a mile away. Lucky the owner wasnt with me on that trip :D:D

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cool, I get to be the doom and gloom guy.

Didn't a guy skipper something similar out to spain/morocco and because it was later used in drug smuggling he's still in a morrocan jail. IIRC he's from the southampton area.

best establish a secondary ID now :)

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