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Scrap Steel


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Scrap steel values vary on a day to day basis like the stock market.

Last week I was getting £180 per ton for mixed ferrous at my local scrappy. Different scrap yards and different parts of the country vary by quite a bit on price.

Your best bet is to give your local scrappy a ring for the current price.

The last that I have heard is that they expect the price to start to fall off now, dropping right down before Christmas - so get your scrap in quickly whilst it is so high!

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ran an escort in last week and got £148 (south london)

Not really an accurate indication of scrap metal prices, as the scrap man needs to pay to get rid of tyres, oils and plastic trims.

Scap ferous depends on condition and how 'clean' the scrap is.

Scrap steel prices around derbyshire are ~170 quid.

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A few months ago I took some copper to weigh in. The scrap merchant, while weighing it all, got an up date in the copper price on the computer and then offered me more money.

He keeps telling me I should stop buying steel from him and to bring some back as the prices have gone up again.

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