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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...........

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Me, the 90, Mark Adams "Tuning V8 Guru" a 4wd Rolling road and ny wallet had a meet up

The noise was something else, :)

I have some vid of the 90 rachet clamped down at some 'silly RPM' with a simex whizzing around within 12 inches of me......... at around a ton :D

Truly unreal experience, as was the drive home.............

, what a difference, ..........my wallet was empty, ................but it is superb :):D .

Report and pics to follow ..........when I have worked out how to reduce AVI Files from 100MB ......and have some time !

Nige :D:D:D:D:D

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4WD rolling road is state of the art, adjustable wheelbase and more computer gizmos than you can imagine.

Think there was a LAMDA measurer, CO2 Oxegen, detonation program, plus the 4wd rolling adds adjustable loads to the drive train to make the engine work harder etc, ECU on fuelling and other ECU was MegaJolt and yet another PC inside doing I have no idea wot, plus leads on the AFM measuring the swing and signal, and some other wires, Fuel Pressure checked via meter through rev range and rail pressure too I think........... :blink:

Unreal. :)

I left and drove home, needed to get back quick as due out tonight....came up against 'Pratt n Caravan' on straight road with it all doing 45mph and fish tailing, was in 3rd gear, thought about (would have maybe done it pre RR session) dropping to 2nd to get the revs up, but "Booted" it and nearly rammed him up the back the engine picked up so quickly !

Beddy Boos now as have to be up at 5.30am :(

Few things to now fix / make brackets as mods have been jury rigged to save time / money

Report and Vids n pics will follow soon

After I have played with it a few times you understand :lol:


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Nige - don't reduce the videos too much, the FTP I gave you has enough space for several Gb of video - and don't compress the soundtrack whatever you do :wub:


Nige has all the software he needs to convert the DV (AVI) file into any of the following, VOB,VCD,SVCD, MPEG1,MPEG2 (@8000Kbs), plus or course streaming video ….. WMV and RM (Real Player). :rolleyes:

I suppose the big problem is with the modern DV camera …………. The DV (AVI) file carries a bucket load of overhead …………. an hour off of mine comes in at 25Gig and I often load in 5 hours at a time. However, take a 25Gig hour and reformat it to high quality DVD (Mpeg2 720x576 24 bit @ 8000 Kbps, Audio LPCM stereo @48Khz) gives a VOB file of less then 4Gig with no noticeable loss of definition or audio quality.

I have emailed Nige the destructions :o ……….. all you need is to tell him is what format is the best streamer for your server ……….. I suppose it all depends on whether folk want to stream off the server or download to view locally. With all Google & Youtube vids I download as AVI locally and then edit the file header to remove their codec nonsense ;)


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